5k Per Day Invitation Offer

This is a special invitation only page

for the $5k per day subliminal video

Check out the sales page at http://www.subliminalmoney.com

but come back here to order (via Paypal) at this special price.

The free sample page is at http://www.subliminalmoney.com/free_sample.htm

I’m hoping we can swing a win/win situation here.

Last time I used this, while I was still in the process of trying it out, I managed to manifest the monitor of my dreams (very important since I have eye problems).  The story is on my blog at http://crystalsquest.com. (search for 30DT)

I put it up on sale to help raise funds for that, but only for a short time.  I do, however, still have the rights to sell a few more copies of the videos, and I’m getting seriously into Raw Food again, so I want to raise some cash to get myself a Vitamix.  I’m looking at $1,060 Australian.

These videos retail for up to $288, but the best price I found was $97.  Right now, I’m letting you grab it from me for only $77 $47 (what the heck it’s a holiday, right?)

Having used it before and got amazing results (although not lately, I admit. I do intend to fix that soon, though), I’m more than confident enough to offer you a guarantee with this. If you try it yourself and are not happy, just let me know: I’ll cheerfully refund your money and wish you the best.

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then watch for an email from

crystalnwoods – at – gmail.com

with further details.

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.swh = shockwave flash (via web browser) – 6Mb

mp4 – high quality (tv standard) – 11Mb

(works on ipods, quicktime, several other programs)

.avi = windows media player: slow (55Mb) or fast (180Mb) connection

.mov = apple quicktime: slow (28Mb) or fast (38Mb) connection