30DMT Week 2 Day 8: Rain, a Monitor, Powerball, Google Desktop and an hour’s sleep

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I hardly know where to start today. I think I got all of an hour’s sleep overnight, so the morning routine was drastically cut short so I could get ready in time for my lift. I missed the exercise but did the meditation later. Despite that, I was still able to stay fairly well awake and aware for the day, and got through a HUGE pile of work. It was pouring rain, which they reckon is going to be the pattern for the week. 🙁 I had to use the umbrella every time I needed to duck inside to the ‘ladies’ facilities’ from the demountable I’m in – for the next 2 weeks anyway – so I tended to stay at the desk and plow through the stuff I had.

On the bright side, I did finally manage to go through my $5k per day video the whole 7 times it took for a 20 m session! Next step is to do it all at once, but I kept finding myself nodding off when I tried .

Now to the interesting stuff: it seems like what I’m doing is pulling in all the old

‘wishlist’ stuff I have been coming up with for the past few years, all at once. Yesterday I discovered a 32″ monitor on ebay, for only $800. That was on my dream list, since with my eyes as they are after surgery back in 02, the smaller the screen the bigger the eyestrain. (I’ve got to say, I’m lucky to have as much sight as I do, since I’d lost 3/4 of it before the operation – the guy was a miracle worker and I’m very grateful. That was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever been through, and I was blessed I got the best surgeon out on the case.) Working with a screen like this would just be such a relief.

Next question, of course, was how to raise the funds. I’m tossing up some ideas (would anyone be interested in getting a copy of $5k per day video themselves through me if I could negotiate a discount, for example?) but then when I got home and checked my mail, I found a cheque from Powerball in it! I have a multi-week entry I just leave running, and occasionally will get cheques for $10 to $12 back, the bottom division, but this one was about 4x that – my biggest win so far! Doesn’t quite pay off the monitor, but I’m taking that as a good sign that the prosperity stuff is starting to take hold. And it’s only been a week…

So, checklist and then to bed so I can exercise tomorrow:

  • Manifestation course – Morning routine

–> Half done, minus the exercise and postponing meditation

  • Daily Awakening & Daily Email exercises

–> Fit the email part in to morning tea, worked ok. Try to fit the awakening thing in after the morning routine tomorrow & will let you know.

  • 5mins of handbook

–> No, didn’t do this one. Still haven’t found the hour to do the last exercise. It’s a bit overwhelming when you have some major assignment every page and a half. Oh well. It’s working, anyway, seems like.

  • Daily 15m ‘goals’ walk

–> No way was I walking in this weather! Brought my lunch…

–>Twenty minutes or 7 times 2:50 – I DID IT!!! (Without falling asleep, even better!)

–> Since they’re both completed now, this can turn into playing it, and I’ll tie it in to the point above from tomorrow. Yes, I watched it. I love the energy rush it gives me, being such a personal thing.

–> Yes, did this. Also discovered how to use Google Desktop to launch programs and files so I can clean my desktop off. Really cool. Lifehacker.com blogger Adam Pash showed me the trick at Get More from Google Desktop

  • Blog update in evening

–> Almost Done. By the time you read this it will be. 😉

  • BWE track before sleep

–> Missed this yesterday, maybe one of the reasons I didn’t sleep so well. Definitely going to use it tonight, they’re forecasting hot nights as well as wet days this week.

Take care, catch you tomorrow!


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