30DMT Day 9: More rain, easy exercise, and information overload

by Crystal on February 5, 2008

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Today was a good day, all up. I got through most of my really pressing stuff at work, not surprising considering that I virtually had to wade through rivers with umbrella in hand to go inside and make a coffee (or whatever) – even worse than yesterday – so I tended to stay at the desk again. Then the torrents would ease off a bit and I’d make another mad dash to top up my caffeine. Drinking lots more of it than I normally do, but hey, it’s better than some habits, right?

I got up in time to do my full routine, only I slacked off a bit and ended up running out of time, so the meditation waited. I did, however, do my exercise. I was feeling like I really didn’t want to, so I looked a bit into why and it seemed to be because I’d been pushing myself so hard I really didn’t think I had much further I could go without falling over. So I took a different tack today – considering that approach had the scales going upwards last week, this week I’m targeting the stress levels instead of the calorie consumption, and took it easy. You know how they say that working out at a slower pace means you burn a greater proportion of energy as fat? It’s always held true for me, so I targeted staying above 15kph instead of shooting for the 20 I reached last week. Reluctance melted away and I enjoyed my workout, so I’ll stick with that this week. I think it was a valuable reminder that the point of doing it was to reconnect with my body, not punish it.

The meditation got saved for a bit later, and I set myself up to do it during my break at work. I was going great through it, except about 5m from the end the charge on the mp3 player ran out. 🙁 These things are rapidly becoming parts of my day that I look forward to and get a lot of enjoyment from. I spent the rest of the working day recharging, and enjoyed playing it after I got home, although I did a few other things first.


  • Manifestation course – Morning routine

–> All done except for meditation

  • Daily Awakening & Daily Email exercises

–> Managed this by slotting awakening reading to after morning routine, and email for morning tea break at work

  • 5mins of handbook

–> Again didn’t do this one. Knowing there’s an hour plus exercise yet to do, and likely at least another one as soon as I start reading is a bit off putting, especially since I’m doing the emails etc anyway. Slotting time in tomorrow but may end up being a bit more selective about what exercises I do from this

  • Daily 15m ‘goals’ walk

–> Again way too wet. Thinking of buying a boat – would that make it a ’15m goals row’?

–> Watched $5k per day for the 7 times again, plus Mind Movie twice while waiting for a bus

–> definitely. Came home and spent a while updating a site and putting up the links for a $30 discount version of the $5k per day – figure since google is sending people my way looking for it and I want to cover the monitor cost, it’s a win win worth trying..

  • Blog update in evening

–> Would you believe me if I said ‘no’? 😀

  • BWE track before sleep

–> Did this last night and reckon I’d not have got half as much sleep without it. Got a solid 4 1/2 hrs in despite hot weather. Muggy again tonight so definitely pulling it out again.

The routine is starting to settle but the information overload continues. It’s like trying to simultaneously read 3 books on the same topic, and it doesn’t help that all of them include time consuming exercises (although none so much as the handbook). I can understand why, since most people never act on stuff they buy and they obviously wanted to make sure that at least one form of the course would be followed, but it’s seriously difficult when you try to do all the stuff that’s ‘due’ for each day. Still, I’m only just over a week into it, maybe I’ll settle down into the habit in a few more days and start finding it easier. I can hope so, anyway.

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