30DMT Day 7: Chaos but the Mind Movie’s done

by Crystal on February 3, 2008

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It can’t be a week already!?!

This morning I discovered that having someone stay over wreaks havoc with a routine too. I got some of it done, and when I checked through the list I realised that it tells you to do it SIX days a week. Woo hoo, day off!!!

Despite that, I still watched my $5k per day Subliminal Video – twice. Plus I did the visualisation and energy raising part of the morning routine before I realised (that left just the exercise and meditation which I skipped). I wasn’t sure if I should make myself do the manual or email exercises, but there were a few other things I really wanted to get done so I let myself cross them off the list.

I did, however, finally finish my Mind Movie. Very pleased with how it

came out. I let my imagination go wild and placed no limits on it – the dreams in it will go well beyond the 30 days but hey, if the universe wants to manifest them faster for me I’m not going to stand in the way!
I’ve uploaded it to You Tube, which means I get to drop it in below.

I’ve downloaded it to my palm pilot as well, so I can watch it on the fly during the day.

Not having done most of the routine today (although I definitely did keep the goals in mind) there’s not that much more to share, so this is going to be a nice, short post for a change 🙂

Back into it tomorrow, so see you then!

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