30DMT Day 6: Energy Rush and Massage Luxury

by Crystal on February 2, 2008

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Got back into the swing of it today, since the earliest thing I had to worry about, being a Saturday, was an 11.30 appointment in town. Once I figured I’d need to catch the 11.04 bus, I was right to take my time. I did. 🙂 Love weekends.


  • Manifestation course – Morning routine

–> Done, but I saved the meditation for later: on the massage chairs at the shopping centre after my appointment. Way to do it! Made more fitness gains – 6.9k this time. Pushed the whole way, and the top could have been wrung out afterwards.

  • Daily Awakening & Daily Email exercises
–>This seems to be the same as with the walk. It’s not slotting in neatly into my day, so it’s dropping off most days. I’m going to try doing the first as part of my morning routine, and the second in my first break at work.

  • 5mins of handbook

–> Got my 5 pages done – 2 exercises, one of which I did for over an hour, the second of which they said would take an hour so I’ve pencilled it in for tomorrow. Up to p32 now, part way through Ch2. It’s pretty intense stuff – definitely not a ‘cover to cover quick read’.

  • Daily 15m ‘goals’ walk

–> Nope. During the work week I can now slot it into lunch but it didn’t fit nearly so neatly into a weekend. Might have to think on how to do this.

–>Three times today. I’m not going to push it too quickly. I can work up to this.

–> Nope, aside from a bit of brainstorming as to Mind Movie content.

–> Done. Have also written finishing off the Mind Movie into tomorrows schedule.

  • Blog update in evening

–> Done. Even added the “share this” social media buttons to my blog template. I’d love to see this catch a bit of interest. Please do me a favour and add it to your favourite site?

  • BWE track before sleep

–> Helped again yesterday. This is one habit I’ll probably keep after the trial.

This morning after finishing my morning routine I had a bit of an energy rush, and found myself almost bouncing. Considering I’m a large size woman that’s a scary thing. With any luck it will help me become not so large a woman, but it’s not done anything that way so far. The scales are steady, if not climbing. On the bright side, the fitness is definitely increasing and if I had to choose between losing weight and gaining fitness my choice would very much go to the fitness side. As Jon of MPower says – if you just want to lose 10 pounds you can accomplish it by chopping off an arm. Considering how well this manifesting thing seems to be working so far, I don’t want to tempt fate. I’ve had no end of examples in the past where I wasn’t so careful what I asked for and then, unfortunately, got it.

My 11.30 in town was with one of the members of my support network, who told me I looked like I was glowing – so much so that as I walked in the first thing she said was “you’ve got a job!” and got excited for me. People like that are wonderful to have around, aren’t they? I told her the long and short of what’s going on right now, and she was great about the goals I’d set and totally believes in me to achieve them. Personal belief in yourself is one thing, and I think it’s a critical part of achieving, but there is nothing like someone else’s faith in you to push you to a whole new level.

I did find, though, that after a morning with energy levels at max, and then some, when I met up with someone who spent most of their time being disparaging to whatever we were discussing, it really, REALLY, hit me. I ended up so drained that when I got home I decided to have an afternoon nap, and by all accounts, serenaded the neighbours for an hour. I wondered if it was something similar to what they say about love. I think it goes that if you want love, you’ve got to take the risk of being vulnerable enough to be hurt. I certainly never thought the same would apply to simple energy levels! Maybe it’s something in my belief system I need to look at? Later, though. For now this program is enough to deal with, I think.

Oh yes, another side effect of the BWE track and/or the program – Besides getting up early without feeling so worn out as I used to, I’m finding I’m not getting tired until much later, either. But then when I plug myself in, I drop out like a light. From someone who’s suffered from months, if not years, of insomnia while I went through the bad patch at work, I can really appreciate how much of a blessing that is!

So, tomorrow I already have two things to add to my list: complete the Mind Movie, and do my 1hr exercise from the book – plus whatever new exercises are in the next 5 pages! I’ll get back to you how long it actually takes 😉

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