30DMT Day 16: Kicked up a notch, 2 competitions and the course goes live

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The routine has certainly kicked up a notch now I’ve added my goals walk in. Even the guided meditation seems more powerful. I also trialled playing my $5k once per hour instead of in a block, which seemed to work well. Today I found that I’m noticing the tension I’m carrying around a bit more, but that could be circumstances (see below) and hopefully means that I’m ready to release it and get to a new level of relaxation. The Manifestation Course I’m basing this experiment on has launched and gone live again (I got in on pre-launch) so I was going to go check if one of them was on stress relief like I thought I remembered, but they’re having a bit of traffic congestion due to popularity at the moment so I’ll leave it for now.

On the mundane level, tomorrow’s my last day at my current workplace, although I don’t start at the transfer til Monday. I’m working Thursday & Friday, just one day will be setting up and handing over, the other will be at an improvised workstation after my current one is relocated. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to stick with the routine over the next few days, might end up with a few late nights again, but will do my best.

Not sure what it means, but today I stumbled across a ‘messy office’ competition with a $10,000 prize. Considering I’m still only half unpacked from moving in, that could have potential. I have already benefited, though, because flicking through the photos I no longer feel I have such a problem 🙂

Checklist for today:

  • Manifestation course – Morning routine -> Seriously wanted to skip the exercise again, but didn’t. Even put in a sprint bit to make it interesting. I’m not going to vary this one for the next week, so it can go into the ‘autopilot’ routine when I’m first up but still not awake. Might have a better chance then 😉
  • Daily Awakening OR Daily Email exercises (not going to push for both for a while) -> Daily awakening, but a lot of this stuff is all but impossible to implement while you’re at work. Be a lot easier if I was doing this full time like Steve Pavlina! Oh well, it’s the challenges that make life interesting, right?
  • 5mins of handbook -> Another 5 pages, up to p43 now. Am getting the nuts and bolts of how to do the ‘goals walk’ and dialoging which is making a huge difference
  • Daily 15m ‘goals’ walk -> Again I split this across lunch and after getting home. It’s a bit intense to do all in one session until I get a bit more used to it, I think. Working a treat, though – I’m feeling stuff change on an energy level.
  • Watch $5k per day Subliminal Video at least twice, work on getting to 20m. Play Mind Movie, once or twice daily, once completed -> Played the $5k per day subliminal video once an hour today, still with the sound off. We had a brief rain squall but aside from that it was a lovely day. Wasn’t even anywhere near home time and I’d already been for my walk at lunch, so the timing was perfect. Mind movie happened twice.
  • Spend at least 1hr/day on my PC at home, to allow Motivator & Subliminal-Power software some time to work on me. -> Same again. Finally getting comments and now that I’ve got the subscriber count it’s a real buzz to see there’s someone out there reading! Thanks guys!!!
  • Blog update in evening & BWE track before sleep (combining these to one entry) -> Done and done. Will need BWE again – after spending this afternoon relaxing and meditating etc, then doing all my thank you cards and organising for tomorrow, I got on a bit late, so the clock’s ticked over again. On the bright side, I did get a half hour snooze when I got home to make up for yesterday. Hmm. Is this turning into an experiment on multiphasic sleep???

  • Inspired Action: Well, after having written a few days ago (day 11 or 12) how it would be really cool if I could manifest a ticket to Rich Schefren’s latest conference, he’s announced a competition to win one. I’ve put in! My entry is here. Wish me luck?

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