30DMT Day 12: Full Routine and more motivated than ever

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Managed to get the whole routine done this morning!! Woo hoo!!!! Not only that, but got through most of the rest of it (except the walk, surprise surprise). Also found that my motivation is spreading and I got stuck into something I’ve been procrastinating on for a few weeks now – feels good to have it done. There are two revisions to the routine today which I think will make it work better for me, or at least will make it fit better into my lifestyle – as it is anyway. Of course I’ll have to revise it all once I’m working from home 😉


  • Manifestation course – Morning routine

–> FINALLY DID IT ALL!!! Helped that my partner was picking me up, so I didn’t have to be so panicked about time, but got through the entire lot. Amazing! Decided to do my yoga DVD this morning for a change – there’s the equivalent of 3 DVDs on it, the first being Yoga for Flexibility. I did that one. No surprises there, I’m drastically un-flexible. Felt pretty good twisting and stretching though, so it fitted right in with the self-care theme I’m going with this week.

  • Daily Awakening OR Daily Email exercises (not going to push for both for a while)

–> Even the Daily Awakening’s getting more intensive. Involved a 25m contemplation of “Who I really am” today. Not sure if it’s sleep deprivation or the cumulative effects of two weeks of lots of meditation (plus yoga this morning) but I came to the conclusion that “I” (ego) am the equivalent of one lens on the eye of a fly. Stay with me here: my thought was that my experience is one facet of a larger awarenesses experience of life. I’m part of the larger awareness, but don’t truly exist or have meaning independent of it. I’m connected to the other lives around me but unique and therefore valuable in myself.
It’s either very deep, or I need more sleep. Or maybe both. Decided that with this level of involvement for these I’m going to do either/or for it from now on.

  • 5mins of handbook

–> I finished off yesterday’s exercise today. Didn’t read any more of the book, but took way longer than 5m on just doing that, so I’m crossing this one off as done. Means I’ve got a fresh start to read/do exercises over the weekend, and/or after my day off on Sun.

  • Daily 15m ‘goals’ walk

–> This is the one thing I didn’t manage to do, but I have had an idea of how I can work it in. I’m thinking that if I drop my stuff home and then go for this walk immediately, it’ll combine a good de-stress/wind down with the manifestation routine, and motivate me to get stuck into my other stuff when I get back home again. Will try it from Monday.

–> Watched $5k per day 5 times, still without sound, plus Mind Movie twice. Loving the lyrics to that song. The weather’s clearing, too. Still not totally dry, but more dry than wet now, and improving. Sunday’s meant to be clear and sunny, now, so the forecasters have changed their mind. Bizarre coincidence, or is this stuff way more powerful than I thought?!?

–> I was right yesterday – didn’t do my walk. Actually, got so caught up at work that I didn’t do my lunch either, not until after I got home. I did, however, finally get motivated to do something I’ve been putting off for a month. A very positive sign, and a weight off my chest. Have done my hour here, and meanwhile discovered a really cool video conferencing site in beta called ‘Oovoo‘ – it even lets you record your video conferences!

  • Blog update in evening & BWE track before sleep (combining these to one entry)

–> Writing this a bit later today. I dropped off listening to BWE last night but won’t get to do it tonight – need to charge the mp3 player up. It’s been getting a good workout this week, and then some!

So, although I’m hesitant to say it in case I jinx myself, it looks like I might finally be starting to get a handle on the routine. That should mean I do better on sleep this week, which can only help. Just a reminder, tomorrow night’s entry won’t go up until Sunday when I’ll load them both.

Take care and have a great weekend! (I intend to…)

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  • kwolph February 14, 2008 at 1:32 am

    Hi Again

    I have two links that will help figure out whatever problem you are having with ooVoo. The first link is if you want to figure out the problem yourself and the second one allows you to get support help from product development team. Like I said, you can alway email me directly and elaborate the exact issues you are having.

    1. oovoo.com//oovoohelp/1.5/en/ooVoo.htm

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  • kwolph February 13, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    Hey Crystal

    I am going to pass along the comments you made to me hopefully we can figure out a solution! My email is kwolph@abrahamharrison.com. Why don’t you email me so I can contact you directly next time. Thanks again for checking out My ooVoo Day site and maybe if we get the problem squared away, you can still participate.


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  • Crystal N Woods February 13, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Thanks for your comment!
    I tried replying to you but I don’t think the system registered your email, so I’m hoping you’ve ticked to get follow up. I didn’t know about the blogger open day, but it’s a great idea. I did have some conflicts with Media Player unfortunately, so I’ve had to uninstall the beta version.
    Maybe once it’s in full release I’ll be able to participate in the next one, though.

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  • kwolph February 12, 2008 at 1:59 am

    Glad to hear you tried out ooVoo! I work on behalf of the video chat service and wanted to spread the world about My ooVoo Day. If you have any time this week go to the site and sign up to have a video chat session with a blogger of your choice from the list. It started Sunday and goes the whole week and everyone has had a blast so far. Let me know if you have any questions.

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