30DMT Day 10: Thunderstorms, Low Motivation, Navigation buttons and a realisation

by Crystal on February 6, 2008

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Nearly wasn’t able to post today, since we’ve got incredible thunderstorms going. They’re apparently going to last the rest of the week, and possibly into the weekend. So, if you don’t see me post one night, that’s probably why. I’ll write it up and save it for when I’m not likely to get my PC fried. :)

Today had a slow start. I did get through pretty much all of my morning stuff, and even went over on the meditation, but there were a few things that dropped off. Doing all this while working full time is a bit more than I expected. Still finding resistance to getting back into the manual, so may have to ease off on that and make it every 2 days instead. After all, it’s not like I’m not doing the rest of the material they gave me anyway.

The weather is still absolutely shocking. Was clear briefly during the day, then torrential in the afternoon/evening as I was coming home. Luckily I got picked up, but even so just getting into the car was enough to leave me pretty sopping. I had a look at the Bureau of Meteorology – this is what Australia looks like at the moment. That does it, I’m buying wellington boots. I still haven’t got my laundry from the weekend dry, it’s been that bad, so thank heavens (pardon the pun) for clothes dryers…

So, down to the Checklist:

–> Slow, but done except for exercise. I think I need to get better at doing routines ;)

  • Daily Awakening & Daily Email exercises

–> Did the awakening one, but wasn’t hooked up to get the email until tonight. So, tomorrow

  • 5mins of handbook

–> As I mentioned above, I’m finding a lot of resistance to this. It’s very intensive, and on top of full time work, which is pretty intense itself leading up to my transfer, I’m having motivation issues. Will give myself a bit of leeway this week, and next week do it every second day I think. Sometimes, just taking the pressure off gets it all going again. We can hope.

  • Daily 15m ‘goals’ walk

–> In this weather, nuh uh. Did extra on the meditation to make up.

–> Watched $5k per day 3 times, plus Mind Movie also 3 times.

–> Yup, once the thunder & lightning stopped. Am discovering all kinds of cool ways to make this blog work better. Comment if you like the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons on each post page. Because this is getting so involved, I’ve also had to resort to the ‘read more’ thing on the front page (doesn’t shorten the entries anywhere else, though).

  • Blog update in evening

–> Take this as a given. Advance warning: Saturday night’s will be going up with Sunday’s.

  • BWE track before sleep

–> Yes, although I think I need to get better earphones. Not very comfortable to lie on. Energy levels are much better for doing it, though. Noticeably. Even with very little sleep I’m turning into a bit of an eveready bunny…

A week and a half in, I’m already noticing changes in my general outlook and mood – definitely for the better. Even if the manifestation bit wasn’t working, I think it’d be worth using some of these techniques for that bonus alone. But it is working. So much so that I’m now wondering whether all this garbage weather might be somehow related to spending so much time watching the $5k per day video, which has a backing track of thunder and rain. It definitely stepped up after I went from 2 views to 20m, so it’s either the weirdest coincidence or ‘there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio” stuff. Hmm. Maybe I should try a few days with the sound off and see? We’re forecast for this to go right through the weekend. If it starts clearing tomorrow, I’ll be uploading the twilight zone theme for sure!

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