30 DMT Week 3 review

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30 Day Manifestation Trial – prelaunch Day 1 of the 30 Day Manifestation Trial

All in all this week was pretty successful, and certainly has had the biggest “highs” so far, even if it did end up with me breaking a leg (hmm, maybe because I was hoping to go on stage?)
The job type stuff has started turning up, and with Monday being the start of the new transfer location, it’s going to be interesting to see what clashes happen between doing that and maintaining this routine. I’ve now got so many ‘compromise’ options showing up that it’s getting harder and harder to hold the dream image in my sights. There are going to be plenty of challenges for the next week with just the physical injuries I’m dealing with, so I might need your positive thoughts and prayers sent my way.
Here’s my prayer:
Let me have the strength to remember the dream I hold, and to maintain my focus on it when distractions and compromises try to pull my attention away. Help me, Great Spirit, to keep my eye on the goal, and direct my efforts to its achievement.

Now, for the roundup.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
first nibble about a dream job confirmed transfer at work another powerball cheque (total $90.65)
published in the paper large 32″ monitor for home office – YAY! intern ad from Internet Marketer week 1
threat of retrenchment gone (which prompted this trial in the first place…) really garbage weather!?! (but managed to change it once I realised) author partnership competition Mark Joyner
QE2 tickets, sort of (see day 4) beautiful weather for weekend first hard cash shows up
increased energy levels largest ever powerball win (over $50) Oprah connection & possible invite
better mental clarity 10% of screen covered from unexpected income “messy office” competition
more calm & relaxed luxury hotel accommodation (see below) Rich Schefren ticket competition
sleeping better / needing less sleep outlook & mood improvements “Online consultant” (scam) job offer
further mental clarity improvements Job interview offer
improved motivation (getting stuck into outstanding projects) Simplification (breaking stuff)
yet more calm & relaxed Picked up monitor
energy levels more under control Fitness levels improved
Higher energy levels
Deeper sleep (if less of it)
“Balance” days to even out the highs
Healing opportunity on leg/hip/arm

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