30 DMT Day 4: Quantum Leaps and the QEII

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Came across some more stuff today that was kinda related to what I’m doing here, except it was on the topic of Cosmic Ordering. I do have a book on the topic, but I have to admit I’ve not read it. Since I’ve not got around to reading the other one I’ve already got waiting, it can go under that one in the pile.

Today was, I think, my first major test. Also I had yet another funny story come up. But first, the checklist:

  • Manifestation course:
    • Morning routine –> Done, 55m, fitness improved again (pic at right. The 4 secs was to fire it up again long enough to take the snapshot). So, my 20m countdown has gone from 209cal, 5.7k only 4 days ago, to almost an extra km.
    • Daily Awakening exercise –> Nope. This is seeming like overkill too.
    • Daily Email exercise –> Very hard to stay mindful to do these things, since they don’t tend to slip into ‘real life’ very easily. Trying, but didn’t manage today. Did get lots more meditation though. Forgot I’d set the mp3 to ‘loop single track’ Might print up a 1 pg summary of what I need to do for tomorrow on these 2 things and sit it on my desk.
    • 5mins of handbook –> Finally finished Chapter 1 on p27! Am determined to try for 5pages per day from here on in, regardless of how long it takes. Another 3 exercises – they’re coming thick and fast…
    • Daily 15m ‘goals’ walk –> YAAAAYYYY!!! Finally I did it. Admittedly, I was walking down the road to get lunch, but that’s not the point…
  • Watch $5k per day Subliminal Video at least once daily, preferably twice –> Twice, except I realised I’m supposed to be watching it 20m a day. That’s 7 times.
  • Work on my Mind Movie and BWE track in week 1. –> Bit more on mind movie.
  • Play Mind Movie, once or twice daily, once completed –> Not yet. By Sunday I hope.
  • Spend at least 1hr/day on my PC at home, to allow Motivator & Subliminal-Power software some time to work on me. –> Done and then some.
  • Blog update in evening –> Don’t need to answer that, do I?
  • BWE track before sleep –> Worked well last night. Obviously no point in blogging what I intend to do on this point, so I’ll keep reporting on the previous night’s results for it.

The level of relaxation is still good, and I loved being in a calm state of mind when I got the call about the reversal of their decision at work (see below). Came in handy too, but I won’t go there. Mind’s ticking over a bit faster again – doing one of the exercises and writing down the things I’d learnt that held me back I noticed a theme along the lines of “slow and steady wins the race” and “if you go too far too fast you’re setting yourself up for a fall”. It’s funny, because my life tends to reflect the opposite and fits in better with quantum theory – ie. it’s easier to make a single leap than a series of incremental steps. When I’ve jumped income levels it’s usually been at least 150% and often closer to double my previous, for example, although I used to do some deliberate exercises to build my self worth up for the purpose. Jobhunting in the past I’d chug along for months and then suddenly get five offers. Doesn’t really fit with ‘slow and steady’ does it?

PS I’d love your comments if you’ve had similar ‘quantum leaps’ in your life… Maybe I should put a forum up?

So, now to my first major test. I’ve been expecting it, because when you try to create something in your life it seems almost an immutable law that you’ll at some stage have to prove how badly you want it – that’s the point a lot of people give up on, I understand. Anyway, having spent a bit of time yesterday carefully crafting a proposal letter to the guy I most want to work with on option 1, (my inspired action for the day – although I hadn’t sent it yet because I intended further edits and refinements) this morning my union met with a senior official at work and raised my situation. Within 2 hours, I had a phone call that told me I’d now been appointed to the position that had knocked me back (in quite some detail) at the start of the month. Means that the pressure to find an alternative job is off, but here’s the thing: this option didn’t even rank on my list. It was written off because they made it very, very clear they didn’t want me. So, now that they’ve suddenly changed their minds, do I take the safe option and let things slide back to how they were going before, or do I keep on pushing for my dreams and goals?

I’ll actually be starting up there before this trial is finished, in about 2 weeks time, so it’ll be interesting to see how warmly I’m actually welcomed. But I committed to 30 days, and I intend to follow through the 30 days, to see what I manage to create.

Now for the funny story. A few years back, there was a big story on TV about a guy who used an online swap site to go from a red paper clip to a house. I had a look at it back then, and when it came time to enter what my ideal swap outcome would be, I thought of my long term dream to take a cruise. Then I thought “why not” and went no holds barred, posting that I wanted to cruise on the QE2. Nothing ever came of it, but today my partner picked up tickets for an evening cruise on the harbour in late Feb, when both the QE2 and the Queen Victoria are due in. The harbour cruise line is taking people out to watch their arrival. When he showed me the ticket, though, the receipt said (and I quote):

“Full payment for QE2 cruise”

He joked around about me arguing the point with the travel agent, but considering the cost difference from a one evening harbour tour and a QE2 sojourn he didn’t like my chances. To me, though, that’s not the point. I took it as a message that my manifesting skills are improving, and this little message from the universe tells me my forgotten dream may well be on it’s way. No idea how, but then that’s the fun part is discovering the weird and wonderful ways these things happen, right?

PS It got a bit wet this afternoon, which is why I left posting this til later. I experimented with my Christmas digital camera and took a short video of it. Check out how the sheets of rain were almost horizontal, and you can see how the hailstones got bigger as the storm went on… You can see why I didn’t fire up my computer!

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