30 DMT Day 27: More Money and Mad Coincidences

by Crystal on February 23, 2008

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30 Day Manifestation Trial – prelaunch Day 1 of the 30 Day Manifestation Trial

This morning I decided to read a bit more of the thinner Manifestation book that came with the course – the one I started while I was in Canberra on Day 13. I came across a visualisation that sounded really cool, to increase your ‘magnetism’, so I gave it a try. 2 minutes into it the phone rang. I picked it up and a recording told me “Congratulations, you’ve won an all expenses paid cruise to the Bahamas”. Of course, it’s one of those US competitions and my phone doesn’t make the same tone when I dial nine so it didn’t go any further, but still it was a kinda spooky coincidence…

Had a go walking down the road on one crutch today. I think I’m ready to graduate. Made it to the local cafe in only 45 minutes, with one stop on the way (it usually takes 10). After just under an hour enjoying my coffee and reading my manual, I made it back in only 30 minutes! I even got back without stopping… My only concern now is what happens if I end up with an enormous left bicep from supporting myself on one side ;) Guess I just have to focus on getting better again so I can go around without either of them!

Tonight, when I came online, two more coincidences. One was an email asking for Law of Attraction stories to be featured in a book – of course I was inspired to respond to that one straight away. The second was, after I’d sent back my answer, I got an email crediting me commission from a sale! Woo Hoo! It’s a program I haven’t actively promoted in a while, so the timing is just uncanny, but I love the fact that something I put out there a while ago has connected someone up with something they needed or wanted, and chose to get.

I think I’m going to have to do that magnetism exercise again tomorrow, and see what happens!!!

Now, for the Checklist:

  • Manifestation course – Morning routine -> Again, all bar the exercise. I think I’m destroying the edge of my bed doing the ‘bouncing with excitement’ bit sitting down on it. Oh well, who cares. I can always manifest a new one, right?
  • MP3 Audio lesson -> No, actually didn’t do this one today. Went to, but then realised it hadn’t loaded onto my mp3 player so I didn’t have it with me.
  • ‘Abundance’ guided meditation -> Yes, absolutely. Enjoying it more and more each time. Had a bit of a ‘click’ when a realisation from the manual gelled with the visuals and I felt like I was connecting into something big. This was followed, within an hour, by the sale notification (PS I know the product’s a good one, so whoever it is should be getting a win out of it too…) Total cash manifested so far: $169.45. Took 3 weeks to make the first $90, less than one week to make almost another $80. Hmm. Think that’s a good sign I’m on track here…
  • 5mins of handbook -> Finished Chapter 5, which was about 8 pages. Had a realisation as I mentioned above about abundance being a reflection of how open you are to giving out your own energy to the universe – the more love you express, the more it comes back to you, as money or whatever else your mind manifests it as.
  • 15m Dialog Exercise -> Not 15m, but did a dialog on how I was realising my goals as I was writing the response to that email. Then did a bit more of it while I was enjoying getting that email notification. Love this internet business.
  • Spend at least 1hr/day on my PC at home, to allow Motivator & Subliminal-Power software some time to work on me. -> Did this, but realised that Subliminal Power hasn’t been on for a week or so, since I upgraded the monitor. Oops.
  • Blog update in evening & BWE track before sleep -> Yes and yes.

  • Inspired Action: –> Response to that email, reading that manifestation guide and doing that meditation. I also took action on a couple of things that were bothering me around the house, and have had answers come back for those as well. Life is looking and feeling better and better. I love this program!

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