30 DMT Day 26: It’s broke, but crutches come in handy…

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30 Day Manifestation Trial – prelaunch Day 1 of the 30 Day Manifestation Trial

Final verdict came in today from the extra tests: yes, it’s definitely broke. In a really awkward spot, so I had a choice of a full leg cast (ugh) or taking a chance. With all those powerball checks you know which one I was heading for…

On the bright side, it is healing fairly fast, and after my enlightenment on Monday as to human nature (very helpful on the way in to work, but self interest reigns supreme on the way home) I discovered today that crutches can be a great conversation starter. Not, of course, that I’m recommending anyone go out and break a leg, but it does go to show there IS always a silver lining. So, Carol & Wendy, if you’re reading this, thanks for the great conversation today! (I love coffee shops for meeting people!)

Oh, and advance notice: Sunday’s blog won’t be going up til Monday – I’ll be having my “QEII cruise” that I mentioned back on Day 4.


  • Manifestation course – Morning routine -> Actually went through all of it today, except for the exercise, of course. Got plenty of that hauling myself around later.
  • MP3 Audio lesson -> Yes, although the voices on it are a bit weird. Very deep. Makes it a bit hard to listen to.
  • ‘Abundance’ guided meditation -> Love this one. Yes. Along with more visualisations for healing my leg.
  • 5mins of handbook -> Up to p78, another 5, in Gloria Jeans after my chat.
  • 15m Dialog Exercise -> Not yet. Scared to wake the neighbours again, did a version of it while watching the $5k per day, but lower key…
  • Watch $5k per day Subliminal Video at least twice, work on getting to 20m. Play Mind Movie, once or twice daily-> Mind Movie twice, $5k per day got played 7 times while I did the variant of the dialog exercise. Interestingly, that seemed to open a few cross-channel links and I started getting images and sensations from the Abundance meditation coming up as well. I also worked out that 7 times 2m50 is only 19m50 – so I played the extra 10s for good measure. 🙂
  • Spend at least 1hr/day on my PC at home, to allow Motivator & Subliminal-Power software some time to work on me. -> Yes, with breaks as yesterday
  • Blog update in evening & BWE track before sleep -> Yes again, plus the BWE healing track for my leg as well.

  • Inspired Action/s: –> Found an email in my spam box last night after I posted here, about a seminar coming up in March. The speaker is someone I first came across at Rich Schefren’s conference last year. Signed up for it instantly, then had the thought to send an email and try to connect. Won’t happen if I don’t try, right?Not sure if it counts, but I let my planned reading time at Gloria Jeans coffee shop lapse when a great conversation sprang up with some fellow patrons, Carol & Wendy – may not have been inspired but it felt inspiring. Got right into nature of reality stuff, love that kind of conversation! Never enough of it, I reckon…

    Don’t know if this is the place to put it, but I was planning on sending off another email today about a job. This is the third time now I’ve gone to send it and it’s just come flat up against a brick wall – it really felt like it was not the right time. Hopefully that means there’s an alternative connection in the works, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it isn’t too far off. The end of the trial certainly isn’t, although I’ve had so much fun there’s a lot of it I’m going to keep on doing.

So, all in all I count today a good day. I managed without painkillers, got myself into town and back, and even got some shopping done with my partners help after he came home, although that was about the limit of it. I also received the receipt scanner I bought from Amazon so I can get my taxes organised, that’ll be a bit more money come in once it’s up and running. My latest toy! 😀

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