30 DMT Day 19: Slow start, but out of neutral

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30 Day Manifestation Trial – prelaunch Day 1 of the 30 Day Manifestation Trial

Forgot to mention for yesterday’s entry, I did have a call about one of the other jobs on offer. It was one with 3 weeks on, one week off, but travelling all over the state. Starting level would have been a backwards step, with an option to become a team leader if I was the best performer after at least 6 weeks which would have come up to my current lifestyle. The only issue is, if I start travelling to a lot of regional areas, which they said would be the main focus of the job, then odds are good I wouldn’t have internet access in a lot of places and I’d have to put my online stuff on hold. So, I think that one will be given a miss. It’s a good job, just not quite in line with what I posted as my goals.

So, today. Bit more normal, since I was heading in to the local regional office to work on that temporary setup I put up yesterday, but even so I managed to miss one bus, didn’t even see the next one, and in grabbing the next thing that came along, added yet another half hour to my travel time so I was well and truly late. I rang in, of course, but murphy was looking over my shoulder for sure this morning.

Yet another reason I need to forget about the ‘job’ lifestyle, I think! 😀

I woke up with a migraine, too. Took 2 tablets and a litre of water to get myself normal enough to get ready and go, but I felt too dehydrated already so I decided to skip the exercise again. I had all good intentions of drinking lots today, but didn’t, so I’ll have to make an executive decision in the morning, but I may opt for yoga since there’s not going to be quite so much of a time crunch. On the other hand, though, I am going to pick up my new screen in the morning, so I’m a bit excited about that. I did also come across something that I think can help bring in a bit more money and cross another procrastination off my list – so I took immediate action on it. More in the checklist below:

  • Manifestation course – Morning routine -> Did part of it this morning, also started it again on the way home. Seemed to make more sense getting my energy up at the END of the day job work day.
  • Daily Awakening OR Daily Email exercises (not going to push for both for a while) -> No, didn’t get as far as this. I do, however, have 3 that I’ve read already that I implemented during the time outside work. I also plan on continuing them over the weekend.
  • 5mins of handbook -> from p47 to p52, more on the 4 laws and 3 steps of manifesting. Reading it, I started wondering whether maybe yesterday’s illness (besides the migraine, I felt like I could be coming down with something like food poisoning) could have been because I was shifting my energy so fast – I had a friend who taught me that illness was simply the body’s way of throwing off the substance it no longer wanted or that no longer matched it’s vibration, and that would definitely fit this situation… I was operating on such an energetic high for the 2 days before it!
  • Guided “Money Beliefs” meditation -> This is a 20m meditation I started out doing as part of the morning routine, but then realised that was intended for a different kind of meditation and separated it. I’ve done it every day, but having skipped yesterday along with everything else, and seeing as this was one of the things by which I could tell how my energy levels were going, I’m putting it in, in it’s own right.

  • Daily 15m ‘goals’ walk -> Did about 5m of mental rehearsal for it on the way home, then arrived and just gave myself a break. Slack, I know, but I felt I needed it and it didn’t feel right to push.
  • Watch $5k per day Subliminal Video at least twice, work on getting to 20m. Play Mind Movie, once or twice daily, once completed -> Watched Mind Movie 3 times again – it’s really handy on the palm pilot on the bus, although I sometimes wonder what the other passengers think when they see me grinning insanely by the end of it. $5k per day was played three times tonight.
  • Spend at least 1hr/day on my PC at home, to allow Motivator & Subliminal-Power software some time to work on me. -> Yes, I just wanted to get straight on and take more inspired actions – the closer your dreams get the more you want to do!
  • Blog update in evening & BWE track before sleep (combining these to one entry) -> Blog updated with both yesterday and today, tonight. Didn’t listen to BWE last night, and had a really bad night’s sleep (the night before was 8 hours) plus I woke to that migraine and feeling sick. Still, don’t know that the two are related. I’m feeling much better, and I will be listening again tonight.

  • Inspired Action: Aside from updating the blog, today I used the fact of being in town to go to the growers market that runs once a week – got some fresh herbs to plant for my balcony. You’ve got the thoughts I had on reading the manual included above – that’s another. I also went through and commented on a blog post I got via email that touched a chord, so I shared (including my link, so if you’re here because of it, welcome!). Finally, I’ve decided that this weekend I’m going to go through my mind movie for last year and review it against what actually happened, and post a new video response. You’ll probably see it Sunday (too big to do tonight, I want SOME sleep before my trip in the morning!)

So, all in all, today’s been a good day. Not only did I get back up from whatever had me down for the past few days, but even better I had a call from a friend I haven’t seen in ages telling me she’s in the area, so we met up for coffee and a catchup chat. She was doing some house searching, so I shared what I knew of the area, and got the lovely compliment back that she thinks I’m “a mine of information”. Always nice to hear that kind of thing 🙂

One other thing – it’s strange, but I’ve noticed the last few days I’ve been breaking things accidentally a bit, which is very unlike me. Why I mention it is that instead of thinking “oh, no” when it happens, I’m almost feeling grateful for the simplification it represents. The hand blender stopped working the other day, when the blade shaft came loose and it wasn’t engaging with the motor. I tossed it straight out and thought ‘One less appliance I have to worry about’. Then today, I was reaching for a bowl and knocked down a coffee plunger I’ve had for several years. Mostly, it’s the boyfriend that uses it, to be honest. It fell and smashed, and my reaction was firstly gratitude, because where it fell meant the glass didn’t spread everywhere and was easy to pick up, and secondly that it, too, meant one less thing in my possessions list. It’s not as though I suddenly want to get rid of everything I own, but more like, with an intense focus on what I’ve decided is important, the things that lie outside that are feeling more like unnecessary trimmings. So, if something gets removed, it’s cause for gratitude instead of upset.

This could be very handy – just think how much less cleaning I could end up with!! 🙂

One final thought, and a question. It occurred to me that it could be useful to plot out how I would have liked to have approached this manifestation thing on a gradual basis, if I was just introducing one new thing at a time and building a routine that way. Of course, while I was expecting to find myself laid off within a month that wasn’t how I was going to do it, but for other people in less dire situations it might be handy – comment back and let me know if you think it’s worth me putting my time into. Would you use a guide like that?

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