30 DMT Day 17a: Thoughts on manifestation

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I got stuck into the manual again after dinner, but part way through when it was talking about the 4 laws of manifestation, I started out thinking about how most people think that the law of attraction IS manifestation, and then run into trouble in ‘making it work’. It ties into something I’ve been arguing for a while now, about how so many people these days choose NOT to live their lives but run madly around trying to abdicate responsibility and immerse themselves in other people’s experiences. Look at reality tv. Of course, in a way I could be said to be catering to that with posting my blog online, but I hope that what I post gets you thinking, and maybe using some of what I go through in your own life, in which case it becomes a different beast entirely.

So, back to the topic. Why doesn’t “manifestation” or the law of attraction work for some people. Well, bottom line is, I believe it does, but what leads those people to believe it isn’t working is a whole other question, and that’s where I want to explore with this post.

I believe there are 3 main reasons why people could develop the belief that they don’t create their own lives. Four if you count those people who decide that they don’t want it to be true and so refuse to look at anything that will prove them wrong. Ironically they are proving it by creating an experience that doesn’t force them to believe in the laws of attraction in any case! So, back to the three.

First, not knowing what you want is a killer. It’s very hard to manifest in generic terms. By definition it’s not going to exactly match what you expected. Think of it this way: imagine you have a nephew whose birthday is coming up, so you ask him what he wants. Scenario 1: He says “whatever” and you spend two weeks running around trying to get something that he won’t hate, probably, since you’re focusing on your fear of him not liking it, ending up with something he doesn’t like. Scenario 2: He tells you that he’d love to get the latest add-on gadget for his current electronic game console, but it has to be black, to match. You go to the games store and pick it up that afternoon. How quickly could you deliver on the second scenario, versus the first one? The clearer you are with what you want, the easier it is for the transaction to happen.

Second issue is responsibility. It seems to have become a dirty word. Too many people are looking for someone else to blame, for absolutely everything. When it gets to the stage where people are too frightened to help out in an emergency because they are afraid they’ll be blamed and held hostage over the outcome, you know it’s gotten ridiculous. The irony is, by giving away responsibility for your life, you’re giving away your own power over it. If it’s someone else’s fault, that also means it’s under someone else’s control – not yours. If it’s under YOUR control, yes you’ll hold the blame, but you also hold the benefits, and best of all, the ability to choose or change it. Bottom line, if you don’t believe you have the power to direct your own life, then how are you going to believe in your ability to change it?

Third and final blockage is action, but this one has a hidden side to it. I’m talking about the situation where you believe you can make a change, but for some reason, you just don’t do what you know is needed to bring it about. In most cases, I believe it comes down to fear. More, though, it comes down to a refusal to face our fears. If we look head on and say, ok, if I do this, the worst thing that could happen is x, then usually we’ll either think of a solution to address x if it happens, or find a way that reduces the risk. Turning away, though, the ‘worst case’ becomes big and vague, something that’s impossible to grapple with. So we don’t. And in giving in to our impulses to avoid fear, we end up missing out on all the joy that comes with success as well. Remember the book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”? If it didn’t strike a chord then how did it become so popular…

Three steps or gateways, but let me be clear: you don’t have to pass through them all to succeed at manifestation. You are ALREADY succeeding at manifesting. But you have to ask yourself: are you manifesting what your fears create for you, or travelling the path of your dreams? That’s what the gateways represent, steps in acknowledging and claiming the power within each and every one of us, so that we can take conscious control of our power, and of our own lives.

I wish you well on the journey.


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