30 Days Raw – only 5 days to go

by Crystal on March 24, 2009

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istock-000002359507xsmall.jpgToday was amazing.  I had a real problem at work – my trousers kept undoing themselves because they were so loose.  I pulled out a safety pin and did some emergency surgery, but even so I found I didn’t even need to undo anything to pull them off – and there’s not a shred of elastic in them!  I think I need to move down a size…  Nice problem to have, isn’t it?

This afternoon I also finally got approval to send out an email to my work colleagues about raising funds for Queensland Flood victims.  Now I know how Internet Marketers get such a buzz – within 10 mins of sending it I had over $200 of pledges (the top bid so far is $60, or $2 a day).  It really was lovely to see all the generous hearts that work around me, all chipping in for the cause.  It was even better to know I’d orchestrated it – this feeling could very rapidly get addictive!

On the practical front, I bought myself a new juicer the other day, because the old one was a cheap and nasty supermarket bargain that I had to open and clean after every apple – sometimes twice.  Most of the juice went into the pulp.  It was frustrating me no end.  I read something along the lines that as you clear out your body, your ability to manifest things quickly goes up too, and it was either a bizarre coincidence or I just proved it on myself – I’d decided last weekend that I wanted a new juicer, I wanted to spend around $150 and get a juice bar standard of quality.  The one I was looking at was selling for about $499, with a 1500 watt motor.  On Sunday I saw one at Shellharbour that was a 1200w motor for $151.95, tossed up about it, and on impulse on the way home asked to stop in to “Good Guys” at Warrawong.  They had 1 left of a display model, 1300w, solid steel construction, pulp hopper and the whole lot, for – guess what – $150! Reduced from just about $300. I was very happy with my bargain.

This afternoon I gave it a proper try, after going shopping for some more fresh veggies.  Rinsed some celery stalks & stuck them in there, leaves and all.  A small beetroot, also no problems – it went through easier than apples did on the old one!  Then I added 2 cucumbers and had a lovely juice for dinner.  Since I’m getting up early tomorrow for work, leaving home at 4, I didn’t want to have a full stomach going to bed early – juice was the perfect solution.  It even cleaned up easily!  I’m loving it.

Now I’m toying with the idea of a juice feast… *grin*

Anyway, this time next week I’ll have had my blood test and be waiting for the final verdict.  I’m pretty sure the cholesterol will have gone down, it’s just going to be interesting to see how much.  The weight, I already know, is falling off (along with my trousers…) although I also know that it goes up whenever I short myself on sleep – which I’m unfortunately having to do for work this week.  That’s part of the reason I’ll be staying with a lot more raw foods even after March draws to an end, but the other reason has to be how much energy I have and how good I feel!  Knowing that I’m helping raise money for a good reason adds even more to it – I’m feeling GREAT about this!

I’ll drop you another update in a few days, but meanwhile, have a fantastic day.

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