30 days Raw for Queensland

by Crystal on February 26, 2009

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img_0254_gallery__541x400This week has been full of coincidences, even more than I posted a few days ago in ‘When do coincidences mean more?’.  You would know by now that when this kind of weird run of stuff starts happening, I pay attention and try to follow the pointers they lead me to.

So where have they led me?

Well, everybody knows about the fires in Victoria.  There’s millions have been raised for them, and they continue raising funds with the high profile they’ve enjoyed in the media.  They’ll need it, I know, and I’ve contributed to it myself, but the conversation at work the other day started talking about the devastation up in Queensland at the moment, thanks to flooding, cyclones and way too much rain (in some places their annual average in one day).  With all the attention down in Victoria, we discussed that they got a bit of a raw deal.

Raw deal, Raw trial.  The concept clicked.

So, I’ve decided to use my 30 day trial to promote the cause.  I’m doing “30 days Raw for Queensland”.  The funds are all going to the Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal (which accepts donations from most major Australian banks), and this month, all donations except any marked with a comment saying “This donation is NOT for the appeal” will also be going across to them after I finish on 31 March.

Just as well I’m doing 30 days, or I’d be collecting on April Fools Day!

Why do they need it?

Anyway, with Queensland now having had nearly a month of flooding, here’s why they need your donation:

  1. 62% of Queensland is or was flood affected, most of which was declared a natural disaster area. That means we’re looking at 3 in 5 people facing some level of damage, from minor through to having lost everything.
  2. More than 1 million square kilometers went underwater (386,100 square miles).
  3. Towns went to roofline level – in one case having gone 11m under water,
  4. Some major roads are STILL washed out nearly a month after they started leaving entire towns cut off from the world, groceries and basics have to be shipped in by helicopter to get them in at all
  5. The flood has allowed crocodiles and snakes to get into areas they normally wouldn’t – they’re a major hazard.  A 5 year old boy has already been taken by one, walking the family dog
  6. Queenslanders are battlers.  They’ve only recently recovered from the last major cyclone that saw most of Australia go into severe banana shortage (prices went up to over $10/kg and smoothies were no longer available).  They pick themselves up and carry on.
  7. Finally, and I think the biggest reason for me, personally: They’re not asking for handouts.  They’re not complaining.  They’re just getting on with it.  To me, that says any money that comes in will get used where it’s needed most.

How big is  your heart?

So, how about sponsoring me?  I’m doing 30 days of no cooked food – no breads, no potato, no dairy, no chips, no chocolate (although I have discovered raw cacoa nibs are allowed), nothing processed, and (here’s the kicker) – NO ALCOHOL.  For an Irish born Australian that’s BIG.  How about you do without 1 or 2 coffee/tea/chai/’insert your drink of choice here’ a week (which I’ll also be doing without – no hot drinks either) and spring for $1 a day.  $30.  More would be gratefully appreciated, as, I’m sure, would be less if you’re struggling to spare it.  Post your pledge in the comments and either visit your nearest bank or hit the paypal ‘donate’ button to the right.

Let’s show Queensland there’s enough heart to cover Victoria AND them as well!

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