30 Days Raw for Queensland – Week 3

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Hard to believe there’s only just over a week left to this trial!

istock-000002359507xsmall.jpgI managed to arrange the Sunfood Diet Success book on an Inter-Library loan, but they tell me it could be anywhere from 2 up to 6 weeks.  Apparently, it’s only held at two libraries in Australia – one in Western Australia and the other in Victoria.  It’s the 2000 edition (the latest is the 7th edition from 2008) but that doesn’t matter, I’m just looking forward to reading it.  I suspect there’s a few more books I’ll be ‘devouring’ even after the month is up…

This weekend I also went back to the doctor to get the referral for my ‘after’ blood test.  He tried to talk me into waiting 3 months, because that’s how long they recommend between tests to see any changes from diet.  While I love the effects I’m seeing from doing Raw food, I’m also looking forward to going back to a more moderate form – something like 70-80% raw, after March is over, so I may end up having to pay out for the blood test up front, and then seeing if I can claim any of it back on Medicare. 

Either way I don’t particularly want to wait another 2 months to find out how it’s changed/changing things health wise.  Anyway, I got my referral, and when he ran some checks he was amazed at how my blood pressure and weight had gone down in such a short time.  He thinks my positive attitude might have been helping it.  That’s fine, except the positive attitude to the diet came AFTER the health benefits started showing up 😉

Having bought the V-Slicer to do the linguine recipe this weekend, I changed my mind and went with raw tacos instead.  Probably partly because I’d been having so much ‘zucchini pasta’ since I got it (so quick & easy, it’s hard to beat).  There was a recipe in the Lazy Raw Foodists Guide, but not having everything I needed for that I ended up mashing that recipe together with one from http://mattyeleesvegankitchen.blogspot.com/2007/08/mattyes-raw-vegan-tacos-and-all-fixins.html

Here’s the photos.  It was fun, and actually easier to eat with the leaves than it usually is with corn shells breaking into bits with every bite *grin*

tn_img_1270 tn_img_1272
Here’s the last two tacos.  I thoroughly enjoyed
the neater ones I had before I thought to photo them…
With all the bits. Salsa (top right) was a scorcher!
Cashew cream was also nice, and made a great base
for another zucchini pasta dish the next day…

Now for the technical details on this week’s results.  I think it could’ve been better if I’d been more conscientious about drinking enough water and getting enough sleep, but them’s the breaks.  I’ve also got a very early start coming up this week, which usually throws me out for a couple of days, so I’m a bit nervous about next week too.  Still, all up I don’t think it’s too bad a drop for only 3 weeks, with no extra exercise.

Pre-Start Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Change
Weight 146.0kg 141.0kg 140.9kg 138.1kg – 7.9kg
Body Fat 47.4% 47.0% 46.7% 46.6% – 0.8%
Hydration 38.4% 38.7% 38.9% 39.0% + 0.6%
Basal Rate 2158 2107 2106 2079 – 79cal
Muscle Mass 28.3% 28.4% 28.5% 28.5% + 0.2
BMI 55.1 53.1 53.0 52.0 – 3.1

PS I’m in the wind-down now with just over a week to go, but please don’t forget, I’m doing this to raise funds and awareness for the Queensland Flooding victims.  Their flooding issues are far from over, and although I’m glad they’re now getting some assistance (the recent ‘Sound Relief’ concert was for both them and the Victorian disaster) I’m still determined to follow through on my commitment from February to help out.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated, either donate at the right (all donations this month go to the cause) or visit the Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal for other ways of donating…

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