30 Days Raw for Queensland – Week 1

by Crystal on March 8, 2009

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iStock_000002359507XSmall This week has just been amazing.  So far the detox hasn’t hit, I’ve had all of one food craving (creamy potato bake on Saturday night, for no apparent reason) and I’m discovering some absolutely mind-blowing things you can do with preparing raw food!  If you’re at all curious, you HAVE to visit www.theRawChefblog.com and check out the photos!  I’ve told the bf to expect raw lasagne next week…

Energy levels are high, and I’m noticing I’m not hitting a 3pm slump so much anymore – unless of course I’ve shorted myself on sleep the night before. (The weight goes up when that happens too, so you might have some short posts this week as I try to make sure I get at least 7.5hrs.)  I’m moving faster and more easily, my knees are still not creaking so I’m doing more stairs, but aside from that I’ve not set out to do any extra exercise.  That’s deliberate, so I can evaluate raw food without any complicating factors.  Even so, check out the results from my first week: (bear in mind I gave a conservative estimate of my starting weight, since I couldn’t see the scales well at the doctor’s.  I’d been 146.3 the day before.)

Pre-Start Week 1 Change
Weight 146.0kg 141.0kg - 5kg
Body Fat 47.4% 47.0% - 0.4%
Hydration 38.4% 38.7% + 0.3%
Basal Rate 2158 2107 - 51cal
Muscle Mass 28.3% 28.4% + 0.1
BMI 55.1 53.1 - 2.0

It’s not hugely noticeable yet, but I’m finding my work trousers are feeling looser on me – one pair kept unhooking itself around the waist because it wasn’t being pulled tight anymore!

Food wise, I’m eating huge amounts, and it seems the more I eat the more weight I’m shedding.  My shop yesterday was $74 and that was without getting the greens because I still had some.  I plan on fixing that this week.  I’ve also planted several lettuce & greens varieties out on the balcony, which is starting to look as though it will need a re-organisation for me to just get out there and water them!

My most eye opening discovery this week was that you use a giant meat cleaver to open a coconut.  Honest.  I found it on you-tube – check it out below.  Of course being a long term vegetarian I don’t own one, and I went out looking today.  Well, $60 seemed to be the cheapest available and it looked way too lightweight to do the job – nothing like the one on the video.  So, I’ve stuck with the hammer & chisel I used last time and still managed to get the darn thing open!!! (Eventually…)

This time next week I’ll be doing my raw food class.  I’m really looking forward to that.  I’m also starting to see more recipes using some of the ingredients that aren’t so common – like Agave Nectar – so they’re either going to be an online shop for me or I’ll source them on the weekend when I get to the class.  I’ve placed orders so far with Santos Trading (raw nuts & cocoa nibs) and Aum Mamma (cocoa butter, dulse & wakame – they were good about express posting it to me, but they did send it to my home address instead of the shipping one I put in.  I made sure I rang to check they’d got the order so it would go through for delivery Friday) plus of course the failed attempt with getting the dulse the first time (I won’t name them, on principle).  There’s about 20 online vegan/ raw/ organic providers online that I’ve found so far, and that’s just with a quick search.  I’ll be ordering again with the agave nectar and purple corn extract, and posting a full list later in the week when I’ve had the chance to check them all out.

See you tomorrow!

PS Don’t forget, I’m doing this to raise funds and awareness for the Queensland Flooding victims.  They’re now facing a hurricane/cyclone (downgraded yesterday from Cat 5 to Cat 4) which may possibly coincide with king tides so their flooding issues are far from over.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated, either donate at the right (all donations this month go to help unless requested otherwise) or visit the Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal for other ways of donating…

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James August 31, 2010 at 10:45 am

I’ve read poor reviews of agave nectar, check out these sweeteners: http://bastyrcenter.org/content/view/247/


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