30 Days Raw – Day 5 Delivery Hiccups

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OK, today I discovered that not only is it slightly cringe-worthy trying to juice enough grapefruit for 1/2 litre of juice at 5:40 in the morning in an apartment block, but juice is noticeably less sustaining than the fruit.  At least the juicer was cheap enough that it wasn’t really loud. Unfortunately it’s also cheap enough that I had to put in twice as much fruit – I ended up throwing away some very wet pulp.

I probably should have just eaten the grapefruits.  Next time.

Delivery Hiccups

I rang up this morning about the order I put in on Tuesday so I’d get my dulse for tonight’s dinner.  Turns out that they had a Monday morning cut off, (I didn’t see that anywhere on the site, unfortunately) so it was on the list to come next week.  I got the details of the cut-off points for their two delivery dates, cancelled the existing order and spent my break hunting down an alternative supplier.  Found one, and it’s coming overnight via express post.  Anyway, I decided to stray from the menu again tonight (not that I’ve really followed it, anyway) and give a ‘recipe’ a try.  I was feeling like I wanted mushrooms again – it’s become a very intuitive-based menu plan. (Is that the kind of thing that a dietician has nightmares about?)  I got a great mushroom mix recipe from the free download book at raw-pleasure.com.au, but instead of having it as ravioli I took a short-cut and chopped up some capsicum to scoop it up as a pate/dip thing instead.  Nice!

Learning some more…

Last night I also discovered that there’s a raw food class being held in Bondi Junction the weekend after this one (the 12th).  This being one of 2 weekends the bf has free with me before his shift pattern starts interrupting again, I talked it over with him and am going to sign up for it.  Being a confirmed omnivore with a less-than-zero interest in raw food, he’s going to wander off for a few hours while I do it.  I’m looking forward to it!  I’m really starting to think I’m going to have to look at saving for some decent equipment, because this trial is probably going to result in some permanent lifestyle changes.  It’s also demonstrating just how inadequate my current blender & juicer are!  Anyone want to donate me a Vitamix blender or a decent juicer for the rest of the month?

I’m just loving how loose my trousers are, after only 5 days!

Fibre IS your friend

Ok, this is the bit where you get the warning – if you’re delicately-minded, stop reading now.

The diet is changing my body habits in all kinds of ways, now.  Things seem to be stabilising.  I’m now having 2 or 3 ‘sit-down sessions’ a day, instead of the 1 to 2 I used to have, and it’s happening easier.  Since day 2, when pretty much everything just flushed straight through, I’ve been getting what seems to be fat globules coming out with the solids.  I say that because it looks remarkably like what used to happen when I tried Xenical, which is supposed to prevent your body absorbing fat so it just comes out the other end.  I had some bad side effects from using that, so I didn’t stick with it long, but I’m getting this without any stomach cramps or nasty side effects at all!   I seem to have switched from feeling constantly empty in my stomach but full down below, to the other way around…

Another nice feeling!

An Ethical Dilemma

I had an interesting thought today.  The bf did something really nice for me after work, so here’s a question for you: is kissing someone who’s just had very non-raw chocolate mud cake cheating???

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  • James August 31, 2010 at 10:40 am

    “I had an interesting thought today. The bf did something really nice for me after work, so here’s a question for you: is kissing someone who’s just had very non-raw chocolate mud cake cheating???”

    As long as all your non-raw desserts are sampled in this fashion, it is not cheating!

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