30 Days Raw – Day 4

by Crystal on March 4, 2009

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iStock_000002359507XSmallToday I filled an entire bucket with apple slices, and took most of the morning to eat them.  At least it felt that way.  The quantities I’m eating in the morning are so humungous I feel full all day, and only ever want something light in the evening.  That’s a good thing, I think.  Tomorrow morning will be a bit different, though, since I start the day off with some fresh grapefruit juice.  I love that stuff, and they had the ruby grapefruits in when I shopped, but I’m not looking forward to the mess, prep and cleaning up before I head off to work at 6!

Energy Levels

The increase in energy levels is also getting more obvious.  Walking back to the train after work I made a new record and did it in 6 minutes today – my previous best (that left me puffing for the first 10m on the train) was 7.  My normal was around 9.  I wasn’t even feeling particularly puffed, I just felt energy coursing through me and a spring in my step so I gave in to it and surprised myself how fast I was taking the hilly bits!  Just like the stairs, it seems to have been a natural progression with little or no effort – and it felt amazingly good to be powering along so fast, feeling all that energy buzzing through me.

Raw Food Supplies

I’m waiting for my first order of dulse to arrive tomorrow.  They don’t deliver to my home area, but fortunately they do to my work location – just as well since I wouldn’t be home to receive it anyway.  So tomorrow, I’m wheeling a mini-suitcase in with me so I can carry it home.  No, I didn’t bulk order seaweed.  The supplier was called “Lettuce Deliver” and they do organic fruit and veggie boxes and the like, so I signed up for a few more veggies and a fruit box.  Considering how fast I’m going through it all, I was going to need to shop again sometime soon anyway.

After all this research, I’m going to put up a list of the Australian suppliers I’ve found in a post later this week, or on Saturday.  I even found someone that sells wheatgrass kits (although I’m getting a bag of it in my delivery tomorrow too).


The trousers are starting to feel a bit looser, too.  I LIKE that feeling!  <grin>

Short one tonight, since I’m still finding I need more sleep than the 6-7 hrs I had been getting before I started this.  Unfortunately, that means it’s just that little bit harder to sqeeze out the time for blogging etc around the dayjob hours.  In any case, see you tomorrow…

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