30 Days Raw – Day 3 and a good sign

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TN_IMG_1172 Well, I made sure I had lunch and breakfast ready for this morning, chopping up the entire melon I was to have so I could bring it with me and munch it on the train (even so it took 2 sessions to eat).  Since I was to have salad so often over the next few days, I made up a large one and brought that in.  I had to empty my backpack out of EVERYTHING just to make room for the food!  On the plus side it was very light coming home…

The 6 oranges I was supposed to bring in ended up being just 4, and even those I had a hard time getting through.  There’s just so much food, and I’m feeling full so much of the time, that thoughts of cooked food and cravings just aren’t hitting me.  Of course as soon as the TV goes on and the ads start blaring at me, I notice it, but aside from that I don’t.

Hmm.  Maybe I should start taping ‘The Biggest Loser’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (my 2 current addictions) and watching it afterwards, so I can zap those ads!  They definitely don’t help, and some of them are highly ironic considering the show…

Anyway, with all this food up there, I ended up having to give up on it at lunch.  The salad was just too big.  2/3 of it is still there, if not more.  Note to self: when you want to eat a big salad, put serves of it into a realistic size bowl, and just tackle one of those at a time!  I did eat all my breakfast melon (eventually), a handful of nuts (which I definitely should have waited longer to eat – they didn’t sit too well with what melon was left in my stomach!) and the oranges too, but I’m just feeling too full for the salads right now. Even tonight I couldn’t bring myself to do it, and having done well for most of the day, I let myself just settle for the light meal of the cucumber crackers from day 1.  I was even too full to want mushrooms today – obviously I got what I needed from them the last 2 days.

Apparently, the worst cravings/detox are usually around days 5-8, so I’m interested to see what this weekend brings, but I also remember reading from The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide about how some of the issues with adopting the diet come from the body and spirit being out of sync, and that if one is progressed beyond where the other has moved to, it will stall for a while until the other can catch up.  I’ve been working so much for the last few years on the spiritual side, I’m hoping that this incredible rapid burst of energy might mean that my body’s racing through this diet to catch up to the personal development I’ve worked on for so long, but then again it could just be that it’s going “Ahh, real food, at last!  Better make the most of it while we can…” and I’ll end up getting the slump as soon as it realises it’s not a phase and the detox kicks in.

I also noticed today that going up and down stairs (which for some reason I’m not avoiding nearly so much these last few days) my knees have stopped making creaking noises.  Altogether.  I was even listening for it a few times!  They used to be so noisy that the bf commented a couple of times, asking if that noise was me – all the injuries I guess.  Walking up hills I also felt a lot more spring in my step, so the energy is definitely starting to happen, and the mental picture of myself as healthy and fit is starting to take shape.

On that note, I’ve also decided to start doing mental challenges to take the dietary change as deep as I can.  I figure the holistic approach is always going to be more effective than tackling only one aspect of an issue.  Tomorrow’s challenge will be to think of myself as a Raw Foodist for as much of the day as possible, and if/when the opportunity arises, to identify myself as one to someone else.  I’m still trying to think up more challenges though, so that one might have to last a few days.

If you’ve ever made a major dietary change, what was the biggest mental hurdle you faced before the change ‘clicked’?

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