30 Days Raw – Day 2

by Crystal on March 2, 2009

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Only day 2 and already I’ve managed to skip a breakfast!

This morning when I got up, I was so busy running around making sure I’d packed everything for lunch, that it wasn’t til I got on the train I realised I’d totally forgotten to eat the watermelon I was supposed to have!  Fortunately I’d packed a few extra veggies just in case I wasn’t getting full on fruit, so I had one of my mangoes for breakfast instead, and added capsicum & celery to lunch.  As with yesterday, my stomach felt full pretty much all day.  It seemed to fill up more quickly today, too – I wasn’t all that hungry at any time, and after getting home I really didn’t feel up to a full-on salad, so I fell back on a handful of raw nuts (they arrived, along with my cacao nibs – Yaaay, I have something resembling chocolate again!!!) and finished off the day with the mushroom/guacamole combination, although about half as much as yesterday.  I just didn’t have the appetite.

Breakfast fruit vs Dinner fruit

Today, even with my substitution of breakfast, I got to try the alternative pattern of fruit in the morning, veggies in the evening.  The evening meal seems to be the one where I’m wanting protein, both days, but fruit in the morning just seemed to feel more right to me.  I also didn’t have the problems with 3pm cravings, but that could have been because I was at work and winding up for the day at that time.  On the plus side, I’m definitely getting clearer messages of what foods my body is wanting, and the more I eat raw the more it tells me it wants of it.   I was worried about a menu plan for this, but now I’m finding I don’t actually need one.  The menu plan is morphing into: “listen to what your body tells you it wants, then feed it accordingly”.  For the protein-concerned out there, that seems to be what it wants in the afternoon/evening, so that’s when I’m having most of my protein intake.

Energy levels

I may be imagining it, but it does seem to be making a difference to my energy levels already.  By this afternoon, I’d been up and down stairs enough that normally my knees (both of which have been injured in the past) would have been killing me.  Not only were they giving me no issues, I was recovering my wind a lot quicker than I normally do.  I went for a walk down the post office to pick up a parcel, and could feel my muscles flowing smoothly with energy.  By the time I got back I had a sweat up, but it wasn’t a ‘hard workout’ sweat, it just felt like that good sweat when you sustain activity a bit longer than normal.   I also felt cleaner, especially by this afternoon.  There’s now nothing going through my digestive system that isn’t raw, and I could feel a difference in how easily everything was going through.  No straining required.

Tiredness does seem to be an issue, though, the last couple of days.  I was dropping off really early last night, and then I had to push myself last night to stay up a bit longer and make up my salad for lunch.  There were a few times at work when I just started feeling my eyelids get heavier and I had to snap out of it.  I seem to be sleeping much more deeply, and am not waking up part way through like I normally did before, but I’m also wanting more of it.  Probably not surprising considering that between work and the blog, I’m only doing about 6 hrs during weeknights.  I might give the blog a rest tomorrow night, and let myself sleep through a bit longer to see what difference that makes.

The verdict so far…

I know, it’s probably ridiculous to include this after only 2 days but I do know that having gone to raw foods, I’m definitely going to be keeping a lot more of them in my diet on an ongoing basis.  I’m not sure I’ll stick with 100% raw afterwards, since 60-80% seems much more manageable in terms of social life/eating options, but we’ll wait and see how hooked I am on it by the end of the month.

PS Raw cacao nibs are fantastic!  Imagine dark chocolate without any sugar, and you’re coming close…

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