30 Days Raw – Day 19 and the V slicer

by Crystal on March 19, 2009

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istock-000002359507xsmall.jpgIt’s been very quiet here on the blog this week, mostly because I was off the PC.  The contacts I was wearing while I waited for my replacement glasses started causing problems, so I’ve had to rest my eyes up this week and wander around looking at vague blurry coloured blobs instead of actual objects.  😀  Anyway, I picked the glasses up today so I’m BACK!!!

This week’s been both harder and easier than the last two.  Easier in being at home for most of it, although I was fairly reluctant to use a knife for obvious reasons, so the blender & food processor both got good workouts.  Harder for the same reasons, plus a uniquely female recurring issue that tends to play havoc with cravings etc.  Noticeably this month I DIDN’T get chocolate cravings.  Instead I wanted milk.  Fortunately I had a pile of almonds so I pretty much had some soaking every night to make nut milk.  Thankfully I bought a nut-milk bag last Sunday at the raw class – that’s a fine mesh bag to filter the milk away from all the nut pulp, so you end up with just the liquid.  I discovered that when you don’t have dates/vanilla extract to flavour your milk, a bit of agave nectar does really nicely, although today I stocked up on dates & I have to say that does make it really, really yum.

Having done the lasagne from rawchefblog.com last weekend, this week I wanted to try his linguine recipe.  That, along with several other dishes I wanted to do, involved a mandoline – a kind of manual food slicer.  Fortunately the seeing-eye boyfriend was very good about taking me out to find one, and actually doing the finding (since I couldn’t see much until he passed it to me to stick under my nose) so I came back home with a V slicer – a German version of the mandoline that has all kinds of neat accessories.  I was ready to fork out an extra $20 to get a spiral attachment, but when we opened it up we discovered the box already had it in there as a bonus.  No mention of it on the pack, just a very nice surprise when I got it home.  Tonight I ran 3 zucchinis through that spiral thing and it makes the neatest, most beautiful, delicious ‘pasta’ you can think of.  I used the last of the ‘cheese sauce’ and tomato sauce from the lasagne, diluted it a bit in the almond milk to make it a bit more sauce-like, tossed it all through and had a meal in minutes – plus enough leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch at work.  I was too hungry to photograph it, sorry.  Maybe tomorrow…

The other thing I’m thinking now is that, although the body is still slowly changing shape, my weight really shifted in that first week, when I was using that “Sunfood Diet Success” menu plan.  Also, it felt more like I was eating whole foods when I wasn’t prettying them up to turn them into some kind of recipe.  So, I’m working on finding a copy of that book and do that for another week.  It apparently has a lot of menu plans etc in it that I could use.  When I did it back at the start of March, I really had to push myself to eat all that fruit & veg, and most evenings I was already too full to have the scheduled meal, but it seems like even just the breakfast & lunch in it was able to kick start my metabolism again after all those years of starving it.  I’ll post back here if I get hold of it quickly enough to use it for next week (shame it’s not available in an ebook form, I’d fork out for it in a flash), but it seems like the only ordering option I have involves 3-6 weeks shipping.  So, I’m in to the library tomorrow to see if they can source it in an inter-library loan somehow.  Wish me luck?

Did I mention, I do love having my glasses – and eyesight – back again!!!  I don’t think my mp3 player has EVER had such a good workout, but by the end I was brainstorming things I could do, and was surprised at how many things I could think up.  I think it must be almost an automatic response to panic when something as important as one of your senses is threatened, but when you actually face it, there are always ways and means to get around not having it.  It was also a bit of a push to get myself organised and find a VA (virtual assistant) so if things go wrong again and I can’t post for whatever reason, there’s someone I can call to put something up here for you.

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