30 Days Raw – Day 13 Detox

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It’s Friday the 13th, and this morning I felt that was entirely appropriate.  I went to sleep feeling like I was coming down with something.  I woke up knowing I had.  The dreaded Detox…

Between last night, overnight and this morning, I emptied half a box of tissues, and probably kept the entire apartment block awake.  Fortunately, I had already arranged to take today off, so I was able to give myself a sleep in during the intervals when I wasn’t emptying half my lungs into tissues.  No, you can rest assured, that’s NOT going to be today’s photo!

IMG_1228 The other reason I’d arranged today off was to check out the local markets.  I know there are several farmers that have stalls there every week, plus there’s a plant stall that I hoped to be able to get my beloved Sorrel from, after my last lot expired over a year ago.  Nobody else seemed to be carrying it, and there really is NOTHING that tastes as good with avocado.   Luckily, he had 2 pots there.  At least, he did before I got there. *grin*  Now I’ve got the biggest pot on the balcony aside for them, so I don’t have to try and transplant them – check it out at the right.  Transplanting was what killed them off last time, after they did take over my kitchen window and I tried shifted them outside.

While I was there I stocked up on some lovely fresh veggies, and bought a juice for lunch – I really must invest in a new juicer.  Unfortunately I also discovered that my health fund, which I haven’t used in a few years, only gave me back $147 of my $511 new glasses (lucky I went with the cheap frames!).  So, $300+ to find for that first.  I might have to do a fundraiser for me after this month, so I can pay for the glasses, and invest in some decent equipment to keep on going with the raw foods.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot.  This morning in the shower I noticed the skin on the back of my arms felt a lot smoother than usual.  I checked it out in the mirror when I got out, and it looks as though I’m losing the stretch marks I had there – they’ve contracted back to a much smaller area around the shoulder.  Fantastic!  Even the bf is now noticing the changes to my body shape.  I like that part of it very much!

Anyway, getting out and about helped with the symptoms a bit, but tonight after I got back home they became noticeable again.  Not sure if they actually went away, or I was just too distracted to notice while I was doing other things.  I’m thinking of having a dead sea salts bath tomorrow night to help draw anything out that needs to be, but couldn’t be bothered tonight.  After a full on day in which I set up a few good looking raw recipes in the Mastercook software I have, (if anyone wants a copy of the cookbook, email me via the contact form – MP2 format so it should import into the major software packages), learnt about xpathing to set up an automatic import for some fun recipes on sparkpeople, and went out for all the other stuff, I’m worn out and ready for bed!  See you tomorrow…

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