30 Day Manifestation Trial: The Plan

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OK, I figure I have more than enough stuff to go on already, so I dropped the idea of web searching for more tools. If anyone out there knows something really good that you think I should include, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll look at it, otherwise I’m just going to start planning.

Tomorrow’s the start. t minus 1hr 15m and counting.

Since I’ll be blogging what I’ve done, vs what I intend to do, my posts will be going up in the evening – I’ll be aiming for somewhere between 8:30 and 10:30pm Australian EST daily. Of course chaos happens, and sometimes things just get in the way, so it may not be possible every day, but if I know about it beforehand, I’ll let you know too.

The plan of action will be:



  • Morning routine from my Manifestation course (45m – 1hr)
  • Watch $5k per day Subliminal Video at least once daily, preferably twice
  • Meditate with MP3 guided meditation for 30m min
  • Spend at least 1hr/day on my computer at home, to allow Motivator & Subliminal-Power software some time to work on me (can’t install them at work). In week 1 that will be the time I use to create my Mind Movie. They don’t usually take that long to make, once you find the pictures you want, but I want to make sure I have leeway for the unexpected in this trial.
  • Read daily entry and 5pgs of guidebook from manifestation course
  • Blog update in evening, of course!
  • BWE track before sleep

PS I already took one action. Got a response from an Internet Marketer I’ve been following for a while apologising for a delay in getting something to me. I decided to take a punt and shot back asking if he wanted an assistant and telling him how I could help. Who knows – the trial could be over very quickly with my number 3 outcome if he likes the idea!

PPS The Durian Icecream was a success – had some today with raspberries and blueberries in the afternoon. My other half wasn’t so keen, though. I guess there’s no getting around the fact that I’m the adventurous one in the relationship. It was lucky I’d read somewhere about home-made icecream a few years back, because I knew that I had to break the crystals down as they formed for the first few hours (pulled it out at 2 hrs and blended it, then again at 4, with a fork that time) so it would be nice and fine when it finished freezing. Mmmm. It was.

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