30 Day Manifestation Trial Evaluation

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30 Day Manifestation Trial – prelaunch Day 1 of the 30 Day Manifestation Trial

30 Day Manifestation Trial Evaluation

Against objectives: At the end I got a solution which was kind of a cross between numbers 4 and 6. Looking back, I think getting the offer to transfer derailed me a bit by changing my priorities. I no longer needed to get a job, so I was really looking to get into a situation where I could finance myself temporarily while working towards getting out of the regular workforce altogether, and working with these online guys as an equal partner instead of as an employee. Without the clear focus on what I wanted, though, I stopped progressing a bit. So, in terms of manifesting my ideal situation, I made the list, but then I moved the goalposts and slipped up by not redefining the goals. Funnily enough, though, it seems like I’m still moving towards them…

The situation as it stands as at the end of the 30 days:

I am now in stable employment, not travelling all the way to Sydney CBD, although still on the outskirts (as close to local as you can get and commute, pretty much) and the pressure that prompted this whole experiment came off on day 4. While I’m working with good people, I’ve also realised that most of the connections I’m making these days are to self-employed business owners, and that’s closer to where my headspace is at. Interestingly, at a conference last weekend, when one lady asked me what happened to my leg and I told her, the response was “so what were you not wanting to move forward on in your life?”. Hmm. It was the Saturday before I started at the new transfer position…

The other things I manifested along the way are amazing. I LOVE my new 32″ monitor. It’s a dream to work with, and absolutely no strain on my eyes whatsoever. The powerball/lotto cheques have all gone in, and I’m still chugging through the manifestation manual. I’ve been a bit slack on more than just the exercise, but even so I’m now attracting some seriously like-minded people into my life and having some fantastic conversations. It seems like things are changing to support me moving even further into conscious manifestation. At this conference last week I connected up with one of the top names I’d been introduced to by Rich Schefren, and grabbed the opportunity arrange to work with her, so the synchronicities are continuing. I also ended up getting an unsolicited offer for venture capital from one attendee who heard what my idea was and wanted in on it.

What I’m thinking now is, I might revive this and re-launch it into a 90 day “Living the Secret” experiment. Not quite so intense as during the trial, and without the daily blogging of it (every couple of days at most, unless things get interesting). I’m going to do it with each week starting Sunday so I can write up my summaries while I’m not at work, and the new objectives will go up over the Easter long weekend (22nd or 23rd March). I’ll be defining them in THREE areas, since I figure with 3 months I might as well shoot for a more well rounded target outcome. Career/Job will be one, but I’ll also have money and health targets as well. The number of things on the checklist, though, will be getting slashed, and I’ll only publish weekly checklists. It was way too time consuming last month, both in the doing and the daily posting.

Oh yes, one final thing. As part of the course I got, there’s a meditation I found in there that involves visualising abundance coming to everyone in your neighbourhood. I like that idea, but I’m going to modify it. I’ll be visualising it for everyone in my circle, or with a connection to me. That doesn’t just mean friends & family, I’ll be thinking of everyone who posts comments back to me, emails me or otherwise makes contact. I want to spread the joy, it’s such a buzz getting all those little unexpected bonuses show up!

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