3 discoveries and a dinosaur in Wollongong!

Yes, you read it right. I thought that 6 months of sleep deprivation from travelling to Sydney to work had something to do with it, but when I went back this weekend with a camera, there was STILL a dinosaur standing out the front of the furniture shop in Flinders St, Wollongong. So I got proof!!!

In case you’re wondering, the back of the head in the bottom photo belongs to the child with the lady who was nice enough to take the picture with me in it. Also, the cow/bull in the background actually DOES have both horns and udder – maybe it’s from that barnyard movie? They did also have a statue of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Carribbean movies, so maybe it was movie themed. And yes, that is Santa Claus in the window. They have quite a selection…

It’s been a long time since I saw Wollongong in the daylight – apparently there was another dinosaur there too but it’s gone. The only reason I saw this one was that I got a very last minute call to come into the local office for a meeting about my work location. Apparently nobody else remembers telling me it was either until I found something permanent or until September, but when I asked about when it could finish up, since I’d kinda like to get a bit of life back and am worn out from travelling 6-7hrs on top of my work time each day, I got told I was there until further notice. Hence the meeting. I’ve not given up, though, since it’s definitely not what they should be asking of me, and their own rules say so. The saga continues…

It’s been a full on week for discoveries this week, I tell you! Aside from discovering that I was as good as oublietted by work (a reference for all you Henson fans, watch Labyrinth if you’re not) and that my neighbourhood is shared with a triceratops (I think that’s what this is… correct me if I’m wrong) I also discovered a common thread between my own passion about teaching the link between self esteem and success and what another Australasian internet figure is currently putting out. He’s focussed it on Money Making, but it’s fantastic stuff for building self-confidence too – I’ve long argued that the two are absolutely dependent on each other, and he agrees, so his program fits really well with my philosophy. He’s got it on special at the moment for a ridiculously low price. Learn how to program yourself to be more confident and make more money for less than $30, anyone?? The link is at http://tinyurl.com/3668ym and it’s absolute gold. Grab it while you can.

My last discovery was this little gem of a cartoon by someone in Sydney. If you’re not in Australia it might not mean much, but it’s a beauty!

Best wishes for a great weekend!


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