2008 review – 2009 goals

by Crystal on December 31, 2008

With just over an hour left of 2008 (I’m in Australia, so we’re a bit ahead of things here) I finally finished the Best Year Yet review I started just over a week ago.  It’s a fascinating process, pulling out the achievements of the past year, the lessons and the significant happenings (one reason I love doing the whole Christmas Letter thing – the blog really helped with that this year!).  But it gets really challenging when you look at all the roles you’re doing in your life, and have to start working out what you want to achieve with each of them – and then which of those goals you’re going to prioritise.

Well, after much pondering, soul searching and internal compass checking, I have my list for 2009.  My main role is going to be here, on the Internet.  That role will get prioritised over all others this year coming.  I’ve also defined the top 10 goals for the year – there’s a screenshot of that part of my mindmap below…  I think I’ve covered the main areas I have things to achieve, and most importantly the majority of them will be things I can finish and tick off (with the exception of a 4 day a week exercise routine).  I think that’s important for motivation – it is for me anyway.


I also like to come up with a motto/jingle/whatever it’s called for the year ahead.  I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’m thinking

“May 2009 Be Your Year to Shine!”

- what do you think?

Did your new years resolution include getting fit or getting thin?
Here’s one book I’ve read cover to cover and can thoroughly recommend…  Lots of great stuff at the site too.


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