11 Weeks on Raw Food – week 2

RawShopThis last week has seen way more movement on the Raw Food front than the 100 day reality challenge, so this weekend’s summary is focusing on that.  To start with, in 2 weeks I’ve lost just over 2kg.  That’s nearly 5lb for those of you in non-metric.  Ironically, this week I rebounded up to higher than my starting weight, after panicking when the scales dropped the lowest I’d seen them in a few years, but then with some intensive work I lost it all again.  So, I’ve lost it twice!

Tuesday, when I saw the figure on the scale drop into a whole other decade, I panicked.  It was scary and I felt off kilter and out of balance.  My automatic and almost instinctive response was to go on a binge and eat a whole heap of cooked and/or junk food.  Immediately it all piled back on, and then some.  Literally, overnight I undid all the work of the last 2 weeks.  Part of me was watching what I was doing and telling myself I was an idiot, but you think I could stop doing it?  Anyway, when I saw the scales jump by 4kg the following morning, reason finally won out and I put all the good habits back in place.  I also set myself up a ‘reward schedule’ for prizes I’m going to get myself (or allow myself to get) as I reach each milestone.  That way, the numbers aren’t scary new territory – they’re goals on a scoreboard, attached to things I want.  All of a sudden when I put that in place, something shifted mentally and it all dropped back off again.  Yay!  If only it was all this easy!

My cough is still going from two weeks ago when I had an early shift and caught some kind of virus.  I think of it as my ‘cleanse’ and I’m definitely shifting all kinds of stuff out of my lungs.  I think that might be part of why I’m suddenly finding I’m sleeping way more deeply (may have had some kind of apnoea, my bf thinks) and have had vivid dreams for the first time in a lot of years.  Extraordinarily vivid dreams that I remember days later.  They’re not particularly out there or weird, and  they don’t seem particularly significant or meaningful, but they are very colourful and vivid.  It seems like I’m finally actually sleeping deeply enough to get some rest, so I’m not feeling constantly exhausted anymore – it’s more like when evening comes I’m ready to turn in and refresh myself.  I’m liking these changes.

Today was another big milestone for me, too.  I fit into a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in 2 years.  The zip broke on them, they’d become so tight, so I got them fixed after starting to lose weight a few months ago but they were still uncomfortable to wear.  Today I pulled them out and tried them on, and not only did they fit, but I could sit down and even reach to tie my shoes in them!  That means I’ve officially dropped the dress size I wear.  One down, 3 or 4 more to go…

Hydration has been one of the hardest things to get right.  Apparently I’m supposed to drink 4 – 4.6 litres a day, whereas it was a good day for me when I had 1.  Bit by bit, I’ve put new habits in place (a litre of water with lemon juice when I get up etc) and I’m up to over 3 litres, which has to have helped with re-losing all the weight this week.  I’m looking forward to seeing how next week goes!

On the 100 day reality challenge front, I had an interview for a job closer to home, which seemed to go really well, but now it’s just a matter of waiting for news.  I also got notice that another application has been progressed.  I’m feeling a little unclear, though, about the goals I set for this challenge – one or two of them seem not to fit any more and there’s a couple of other things that have moved more front and centre in my thoughts that I should probably incorporate.  I plan on taking some time out this week to re-evaluate and get myself back on track.  Even though things have been happening to move my goals forward, it feels like I’m stalled and waiting for something.  Who knows.  Maybe I am.

Fingers crossed it’s a big lotto win! 😉

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