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by Crystal on March 25, 2013

This entry is part 2 of 8 in the series 2013 transformation

Week 1, and I managed to struggle my way through 5 days of the bike routine, and even stretched it out to 17m.  I’m REALLY proud of that, since most of those sessions were at 4am, and dearly bought with less time to get ready for work (or sleep).  They’re noticeably getting easier, and I’ve got from pushing myself to just under 21kph at the most intense level of the routine when I started, and getting a max heart rate of 170, to now being able to do that routine with a max of 146, or get up to about 24kph with a top of 167.  Both of those I’m recovering a LOT faster.

I’ve put together a quick table of my zeo sleep score (apparently the average for my age & gender is around 76), calories and exercise.  The initial target calories the app gave me was 2158 calories, and the body composition scale had me burning around 2183 a day, so anything under that should, theoretically, have resulted in weight loss.  One other thing to note, I ended up going home on Thursday, sick with a rather nasty virus, and was off Friday as well.  It didn’t surprise me, because I’d been pushing myself so hard for so long that I knew at some stage it was going to catch up with me.  It finally did, and that was part of what kept me up over the weekend too.

Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Sleep score 86 67 45 57 117 68 54
Calories 983 1555 1355 3380 3179 1840 2243
Exercise 238 610 255 246 0 268 0
Net 745 945 1100 3134 3179 1572 2243

End result?  Starting weight was 150.9kg, as at 18 March.
Week 1, I weighed 147.3kg, as at 25 March.

That’s a loss of 3.6kg (7.9lb).  Yay!

With the bf eyeing off ten inch tablets, and my sister now having a Nexus phone, I’m really wanting to get myself one of the Nexus tablets.  Well, I am a geek after all.  So, I’ve decided that when I’ve dropped my first 10kg – actually a bit more, once I’m under 140kg –  I’ll reward myself with a Nexus 10.  Now I’m MOTIVATED.  I’ve revised my target calories downward, and this week I’m aiming to keep under 1920 calories a day.

As for lessons learnt: well, you can very clearly see what happened on the days I really didn’t get enough sleep.  The calorie target just sailed right out the window, and I didn’t even particularly feel like I’d been eating much.  Wow, was that an eye opener!  I still managed to keep my weekly average below target and come in 522 calories below the goal.  Having those splurge days may even have helped – a lot of weight loss programs now include an occasional binge day to stop your metabolism slowing down, but it’s not something I’m going to plan on doing – and I’m going to try for at least one week where I come in under goal without a single day going over.  That should prove if that’s the case, or if I just got lucky this week.

Bringing food with me to work also definitely made a difference, as did having higher protein than I normally would – as per this exercise book and The 4-Hour Body I tried to make sure I got a protein breakfast within a half hour of waking, or at least an hour.  Means I’ve got to get into some better habits about taking responsibility for my own food preparation.

Finally, the days where I fell down my downfall inevitably came in the evening.  I’m thinking maybe I should brainstorm some things I can put in place to make sure I don’t have anything on hand, firstly, and secondly have alternatives on hand to counteract that reflex.  Ideally I’d be able to channel that craving into doing an extra exercise session or something, but I’m not sure I know how to do that, so I’ll settle for finding something that’ll keep my hands busy enough that they’re not free to sabotage my efforts!

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