100DC update – coincidences starting

by Crystal on November 24, 2009

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series 100 day challenge

It’s happening again.  Last time round it was during the 30 day trial, when I was trying to manifest a new job.  This time I started out aiming to make as much online as I do offline with that job, but then the tips, pointers and gentle nudges started happening.

First I got nervous about making the jump away from paid employment.  All of a sudden, within a day or two of these nerves showing up, my boss is about to be ‘borrowed’ elsewhere for a couple of weeks and I’ll be doing all those early shifts that I hate so much again.  Talk about a kick up the proverbial!  I very quickly remembered my motivation, I can tell you.

Then, once I reaffirmed that I wanted to make my income online and work for myself instead, I got an email newsletter (from the WBR people) that simply asked “Why do people always aim to take things to the next level?  Why not go for the quantum leap, and try for something massive and exciting instead?”  Thinking this was a very good point, I revised my ambitions and re-posted them.  Instead of matching, I now wanted to see my annual offline income happen in a month online.  After all, we all see those success stories of people doing it, right?

Then yesterday I got an email from Jack Canfield with an invitation to a teleseminar.  The subject line was “Turn your annual income into Monthly income”

Cue the “Twilight Zone” music…

Today I checked the time they’d be holding it. Normally these things are in a US time zone that matches up with meetings in the middle of the work day, if it’s not at 3am.  This one turns out to be at 12 noon local time, so I can excuse myself for lunch and dial out.  I’m going to be doing that, I think.

On the Raw food front, my inadvertent slipup with “having enormous fun trying unsuccessfully to spend it all” seems to have been overcome.  The dehydrator is on it’s way.  I’m probably going to have it for this weekend, which is great because now that it looks as though the boss will be going, this Friday is likely to be my last chance before Christmas to visit the local farmers/artists markets – I can pick up some great stuff to use in all those drool-worthy recipes I’ve been hanging out to try.

I’m also connecting with more other raw-curious people online, which is fantastic, and experimenting more myself.  Spring is DEFINITELY the best time to up your raw food intake – fresh stuff is everywhere, the weather’s warm, and that lively fresh air just almost seems to demand you live up to it.  I’ve just discovered that I can get a really good manual orange press for under $60, and if I get that delivered to work, one of the organic mobs that doesn’t deliver down my home way, but does deliver in Sydney, has boxes of juicing oranges at a really good price.  I’m thinking of it for in the New Year – if, of course, I’m still working there. 😉

I’m also starting to eye off the juice feast.  Now I’m committed to 100days on this Reality Challenge, the 93 days of juice feasting doesn’t seem impossible anymore.  Maybe in Feb, once the new year is bedded down a bit more.  My wishlist has grown somewhat though.  I also discovered the Oscar 930 (Hurom) vertical juicer.  Like all those slow juicers, it breaks fibres down without heating them, but it’s also a decent size to fit on a kitchen bench without having to build an extra large one to have any space left for the prep.  The video of it is below.

So far I’m managing to hit my 80% mark on the 10 point plan each day.  I am only a few days into that, though, so I’ll report more on it this weekend, when I have a week’s worth under my belt.

Oh, and speaking of under my belt, I’ve lost a couple of kilos already.  Admittedly I’m doing 20m of exercise as part of my morning routine, but I think it’s also that I’m reconnecting to all that stuff I’m passionate about, and actively working towards realising my dreams again.  The increased Raw has to be factoring in there somewhere too.  At least with this scale I have, I can say for sure it’s not water weight, my hydration percentage has actually gone up.

Loving this.  See you on twitter, and in the newsletter this weekend.

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