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iStock_000008215169XSmall The 30 day manifestation trial just got reloaded.  This time round it’s ramped up.

I signed up to do a 100 day “co-creating our reality” challenge over at http://www.cocreatingourreality.com and set the start date for my late Mother’s birthday, November 15.  I always feel her close and watching over me then.

5 days in, though, I found myself revisiting what I did for my 30 day manifestation trial, and thinking I should really revive a lot of those routines.

Here’s the plan: I’m trying to create a reality in which I am self-employed and get more in a month than I did in a year at the day-job, having enormous fun and helping lots and lots of people.  I also want to have all the raw food equipment I need to live at least 80% raw, along with all the health benefits.  Oh, and since my bed is overdue retirement, I’ve got my eye on a tempur one like my brother’s been raving about for the last 5 years.

Originally I was just looking to replace my offline income with online, but I had an email last night from the WBR mailing list that raised a great point, asking why we think improvements should take us to “the next level” – and suggesting that’s a bit low, and we should aim for quantum jumps instead.  The thought made a strong impression on me.  So, I’m quantum jumping.  It’s a new millennium, after all! 😀

My daily routine, starting tomorrow, will be:

  • Morning Manifestation Routine: This one’s out of the Super Manifestor course I did a few years back, and it gave me an amazing buzz first thing. Highly addictive.
  • Subliminal Video: Thinking I’ll use the “$5k per day” video this time around. I’ve now had a $5k day, so it’s a lot more believable, and that goes nicely over replacing my annual salary in a month.
  • “Abundance” guided meditation: This was a bonus in one of the courses, but I forget which one. It’s a lovely way to relax on the train to work – or on the way home.
  • WBR 2.0 course: I’m thinking of aiming for one ‘duck’ or module per day. Some days include reading material which can take a few days extra, but that’s the general target.
  • 15m dialog exercise: This one’s fun, but you need a safe, quiet place to do it, which doesn’t always happen. So it didn’t always happen last time. Again, something to aim for and nice as a bonus if I get to it.
  • Mind Movie daily: Probably not a bad idea if I put together a new mind movie for myself to use, so it might be a few days before I get to this, but it doesn’t take long to watch once it’s done, and it’s powerful stuff.
  • BWE Track before sleep: I loved this one last time. I slept so much better. Of course one of the things I’d like to get with this process is a proper Tempur bed, which would add another dimension, but meanwhile…
  • Journal: I’ve never been really good at consistently doing this – except when I’m reporting on it. So, at least if I’m blogging on whether I’ve done it or not, I might build the habit as a bonus.
  • Inspired Action: I’m not sure you can put a deadline on this, since some days might have no inspirations pop into your head and others might be full of ideas, but if this is something that can be trained, I plan on starting off by doing at least one daily. After 5 days I’ll up the ante to 2 a day. Then 5 days later, 3. By the end I should be doing 5 things a day.

It’ll probably take me a few days, up to a week, to get totally up to speed and into the habits, but I’ll be working on posting my progress as close to daily as I can, either via twitter or here.  I do like having a day off on Sundays, plus we’re coming up to Christmas & New Years.  It’ll be interesting to see how I go fitting this in with all the early shifts I’ve got coming up – it’ll mean setting the alarm for 2.30am those days.  (What was it I was saying earlier this week about self-discipline challenges constantly getting harder?)  I’ll also put a weekly summary post up that caps it all off,  along with all the funny & weird coincidences, inspirations and manifestations that crop up.  From last time, I know they will.  They’ve already started.  Life got pretty darn interesting back then – and that was with only 30 days!!!

Starting tomorrow, see you then…

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