100 Day Reality Challenge Season 1

by Crystal on July 4, 2010

I’m back, and after a much needed break, I’ve committed myself to my next 2 quests/experiments.
First, I’m doing Season 1 of the 100 day Reality Challenge, over at http://cocreatingourreality.com.  The season started on 28 June, the same day I went back to work after my holidays.  (I’ll post on that soon.) For the next 100 days, I have committed to:

Daily Plus 3 of the following:
Reviewing my goals Exercise/Yoga/Movement
Clearing my paperwork Meditation/Prayer/Quiet Reflection
Having a green smoothie Affirmations
Taking any inspired actions that occur to me Vision Statement
Cleaning clutter Visualising
Doing a tai chi routine Reading
Updating social media Journaling
Cleaning my teeth (I have a new waterpik I’m learning to use, and am putting the principles of “Healthy Teeth, Birth to Death” by Dr Judd into practice) Gratitude exercise
Abundance exercise
Video Journaling

I’ve set myself 5 goals to achieve over these next 100 days.  Some of them are fairly personal, so I’m NOT going to list them here, but the first one relates to going 80% raw, and that’s how I ended up committed to my second challenge.

I’m signed up to an 11 week initiative over at Raw Food Rehab.  There’s a fantastic community there, and this only comes up 4 times a year, so the timing was perfect.  I’ve even warned the bf about it, so he knows to expect we won’t be eating out every weekend.  That’s always been our backup option for when he wants meat, since I, obviously, never do.  I’ll be tracking my results there, but I’m already planning some of the meals I’ll get in the habit of taking to work.

Having been Raw for most of the last couple of months, firstly trying to lose weight for the NZ trip, then afterwards recovering from it, I’m now finding my tastes changing.  I’m smelling things more intensely, and taste is the same.  When we did go out for an indian meal, I was able to eat about a quarter of it before I had to finish up.  Cooking concentrates the food so much, and when there’s nothing but concentrated food on your plate there’s no way to offset it.  My system has obviously made a few adjustments, because I found myself taking smaller bites, eating more slowly, and as I mentioned feeling finished a lot earlier than I ever would before.

On the other hand, the massive salads I’m putting away on the menu plans I’m getting as part of my Raw Mentoring program defy belief.

It does seem to be working, though.  The trousers are getting looser, the hydration percentage is creeping up on the scale, and best of all, I discovered this morning that the varicose veins on my legs are disappearing!  It’s not due to weight loss, because I still weigh a lot more than I did when I started getting them, and I’ve got down lower than this without them changing.

The downside – as the skin changes (it’s definitely getting smoother, my elbows are less dry, and even my stretch marks are fading) all the fatty bits seem to be itching like crazy!  I’ve started dry brushing, simply as a way to scratch it all.  I’ve also developed almost an addiction to chilli lime kale chips.  Not a problem, except I keep on having to stop myself eating my greens, and I really do have to remember to check the mirror afterwards before I smile at anyone!!!

But back to the 100 day challenge.  There is a blog built into the site over there, the same as on the Raw Food Rehab site, and I’m using both as ‘musing’ type logs.  Any significant achievements, unusual outcomes or basically anything newsworthy will, of course, make its way here.  I’ll post progress updates as I can, although the next 3 weeks are going to be busy at work so they may be a bit late for a while.

You are, of course, welcome to join me for either…

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