10 Blogs Worth Reading From a Hermit Cave

It’s that stage in every philosopher’s life, and I think I’ve reached it.  I’m ready for the hermit cave.

Truth is, I’m discovering what living life outside my own head is like.  It’s a challenge, but the biggest challenge right now is the simple fact that I’m over-committed.  I’m trying to juggle a day job, 3 – 4 hrs commute per day, an intensive exercise routine and diet change to reach my pre-holiday goal, and a heart-felt desire to start putting time towards writing the book that wants to be written.  I’m not managing to fit blog posts in as well.

So, instead of pushing uphill and giving you a second rate effort (or worse), I’m officially taking a holiday.  I thought about closing up, but that felt wrong too.  So I’m just taking some time out and I’ll revisit in the second half of the year.  I may post my book-writing progress, or if my mind gets invaded by a post that insists on being written, then I’ll probably post it, but no promises.

I’ll still put up occasional tweets – you can see them on the sidebar or follow me – but probably not more than a couple days a week.

Come July, I’ll be back.  Meanwhile, have fun, and here’s a few other amazing blogs worth following while I’m gone (and even after I’m back!)  They’ll open in a new window so you can close them to come back & check out the next

  1. http://illuminatedmind.net – Jonathan Mead is someone who I discovered through Zen Habits, and rapidly got addicted to.  Be warned, he doesn’t write to a schedule, and says that he will only post when he feels he has something worthwhile to offer.  A blog that doesn’t add to the general noise online, where every piece of content is gold.
  2. http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog – he also has a forum with some fantastically interesting topics.  A great demonstration of fearless writing!
  3. http://zenhabits.net – the main focus is on living the simple life, but it’s become a blog about making life better in all kinds of ways.
  4. http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com – I may be biased because Yaro is an Aussie, like me, but he’s also a genuine original worth reading. (He’s also been incredibly helpful and generous personally when I’ve approached him)
  5. http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/ – a down to earth, practical blog about life, the universe, and everything financial.  Well worth reading.
  6. http://lifedev.net/ An old favourite I’d lost touch with until a recent link directed me back there again.  Quality is still high, a pleasant surprise in an area where a lot of bloggers burn out and abandon their work. (Nb All of the links I’m including here have stood the test of time)
  7. http://successbeginstoday.org/wordpress/ I like the down to earth focus on action here.  That’s the one part of the formula a lot of people drop out on, and there’s a lot of simple strategies on how to fix that in this blog.
  8. http://www.persistenceunlimited.com/ Good advice in a simple, clean style (not just the writing).  Very clearly focused on clarity and quality.
  9. http://www.todayisthatday.com/ A good, well rounded blog. The tagline is “Mind, Body, Spirit, Wealth”.
  10. …and finally, my latest discovery, a blog that will bend or expand your mind – or both!  http://annieinfinite.com – Queen of Infinite Quantum Possibilities

Cavebound regards,


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